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Volume 16, Issue 1: Full Text, 2015 Butler University

Volume 16, Issue 1: Full Text


No abstract provided.

Editor's Note, The Editor 2015 Butler University

Editor's Note, The Editor


No abstract provided.

The Cliche Expert At Butler, Kent Mecum, Waneta Staten, Eleanor Overstreet 2015 Butler University

The Cliche Expert At Butler, Kent Mecum, Waneta Staten, Eleanor Overstreet


Note: The three following pieces were written as a class assignment and all appear under the same title. The possibilities of the subject were so numerous that there is very little over-lapping in the papers and it seemed proper to print all three as representing a more exhaustive treatment of the subject. - The Editor.

Sunday Farmers, R. J. Evans 2015 Butler University

Sunday Farmers, R. J. Evans


Although I did not realize it when I married him, I really married Teddy plus a farm. Young and rather naive, I believed I could soon make myself over into a farmer's wife, especially since the farm in question was a project only for week-ends. But I have found it consumes all of my husband's spare time and as much of mine as I will allow.

April, Suzanne Spiker 2015 Butler University

April, Suzanne Spiker


From tall trees,

The cool moisture rushes

To the ground...

My Utopia, Kenneth Ryan 2015 Butler University

My Utopia, Kenneth Ryan


Do you want to be a hermit? Of course you don't. But! Do you awake in the morning feeling irritable and tired after a hard double feature the night before? Does your head buzz and do your feet ache after hours of shopping through crowded stores? Does the / world of modern man rest heavily upon your weary shoulders? If your answer is yes, then we can help you.

The Impossible Housewife, Demaris Klicka 2015 Butler University

The Impossible Housewife, Demaris Klicka


Her house-dress is faultlessly tailored. She wears sheer hose and high heels. Her sleek, upswept hair-do is in shining order at 6:00 a.m. Her house, which was a tumbled-down shack bought for almost nothing, has been remodeled with only a few dollars and quantities of ingenuity into a decorator's dream; most of the furniture, deep, handrubbed mahogany, was found in a back street second-hand shop for a few pennies and refinished. Her house is in ship-shape order (Navy style) not later than 8:00 a.m. She does a weekly laundry for seven. people before breakfast without ...

A Snowflake--An Observation, Suzanne Spiker 2015 Butler University

A Snowflake--An Observation, Suzanne Spiker


With my face pressed against the cool pane of the window, I watched the snow drifting slowly past. Then my eye was caught by a particularly beautiful flake, lodged on the sill. It was perfectly symmetrical in shape, looking like a delicate white butterfly poised for flight, or a lacy, imaginative valentine, left over from that saint s name-day.

Death, Patrick J. Mahoney III 2015 Butler University

Death, Patrick J. Mahoney Iii


He had tried to surrender. From behind a section of battered wall, he waved the Nambu with a piece of dirty white rag tied to the barrel, and I waited. Waited, with my Thompson leveled at that piece of white rag. We had long since learned of the treachery of the infamous Seventh Regiment of Imperial Marines, the pride of the Emperor, the giants of Nippon. They were giants too, in comparison to the usual run of Nips. These Banzai boys were all crowding six feet and over. Big fellas, and treacherous as a coiled cobra.

Requiem, Alan Markum 2015 Butler University

Requiem, Alan Markum


All shall go down

All shall go under

All shall forget...

The Most Exciting Hour Of My Life, James Richman 2015 Butler University

The Most Exciting Hour Of My Life, James Richman


The most exciting hour of my life? I think it was the time I traded places on an airplane with a Chinese mule. Other incidents have been more dangerous; other escapes have been closer: but not one has been more exciting.

The Dramatic Function Of The Gravediggers' Scene In Hamlet, Q. L. West 2015 Butler University

The Dramatic Function Of The Gravediggers' Scene In Hamlet, Q. L. West


It is unfortunate that one of the scenes most often cut from contemporary productions of "Hamlet" is the first scene of Act V, the gravediggers' scene. The scene is, after all, static; it is merely a lyrical passage which seems, at first, to delay the movement of the drama, and, at all events, to add nothing to it. The producer wants swift, forward-moving action, and, certainly, he finds little enough of what he wants in the almost perverse, but always fundamental, deliberateness of this play. Consequently, one of the first scenes to be eliminated is almost invariably this one, despite ...

Paricutin, Marie Hammontree 2015 Butler University

Paricutin, Marie Hammontree


The liveliest and youngest of the world's volcanoes, Paricutin is now a mecca for visitors from every continent. For years the farm of Dionisio Pulido, two miles outside of the village of Paricutin, had been a favorite picnic spot for neighboring Mexicans because the ground was so warm and dry and hospitable. On February 20, 1943, while plowing in his cornfield, Senor Pulido heard a noise from under the soil. Louder it came and then with an earth shaking roar began pouring rocks and cinders. into the air. The next day there was a cone-shaped pile twenty-five feet high ...

The Shepheard's Calendar, Allyn Wood 2015 Butler University

The Shepheard's Calendar, Allyn Wood


In the first eclogue and the last, Colin Clout addresses Pan, complaining about his life. These are the only two eclogues in monologue; they are different in scope but with many comparable passages; and they are the only two in the particularly sustained musical rhyme scheme of iambic pentameter sixains ryhmed ababcc." But in January, Colin is immature, in December he has grown old. In the two complaints, Spenser subtly communicates the vast difference in Colin's experience-he is comprehensive, as in "February" he only plays. Through images of his relationship with nature, first so superficial and comradely and demonstrative ...

Freedom: A Symposium, William Harper, Earl Murphy, David E. Barnhart, Fred McNanny 2015 Butler University

Freedom: A Symposium, William Harper, Earl Murphy, David E. Barnhart, Fred Mcnanny


Note: The idea of freedom has been a vital motivation for speculation, deliberation, and action throughout all time. In Its wake lie both assurance and confusion. Its backward glance falls upon olive branches some still wet with blood, for freedom ranges from divine heights' to satanic depths in man's definition and application. What and how we think of freedom is important to these times, the beginnings of our future. The four essays in this collection are attempts to reach a definition of freedom. We hope they may lead to individual considerations of this problem.


Cormorant, Margaret Lanahan 2015 Butler University

Cormorant, Margaret Lanahan


From out the sea

Fled up the sandy coast,

Bleak desert stretch,

Half a land and half a sea alike,

Spreading gritty flecks

Built into rock, slab crag,

And summit peak of stone.

Here perched silently

The cormorant...

Poems, George Fullen 2015 Butler University

Poems, George Fullen


Derelict and Hours Before Darkness by, George Fullen.

Poems, Tom Wagle 2015 Butler University

Poems, Tom Wagle


Double Identity and What an Accomplishment by, Tom Wagle.

Autumn Twilight, Anne McDonnell 2015 Butler University

Autumn Twilight, Anne Mcdonnell


On my lips the sad bitter taste

Of moist autumn air...

Eagle Released, F. King 2015 Butler University

Eagle Released, F. King


There was something of the eagle in him,

Something that spoke flailing wings against the sun...

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