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Volume 15, Issue 1: Full Text, 2015 Butler University

Volume 15, Issue 1: Full Text


No abstract provided.

Samplings, 2015 Butler University



No abstract provided.

A Pasture At Twilight, Gloria Novak 2015 Butler University

A Pasture At Twilight, Gloria Novak


No abstract provided.

Poker Club, Harry Ames 2015 Butler University

Poker Club, Harry Ames


No abstract provided.

Ward Number Ten, John H. Spears 2015 Butler University

Ward Number Ten, John H. Spears


Most of the men on ward ten had been brought in the evening before. They were engaged in adjusting themselves to another hospital of the chain of field, evacuation and general hospitals stretched around the globe...

Havana Whisky Run, G. Udell 2015 Butler University

Havana Whisky Run, G. Udell


Part of my period of service was spent with the Army Air Forces Air Transport Command. The mission of the Air Transport Command was explained somewhat by its name. We transported anything and practically everything which had to be delivered in a hurry to some place on one of our many battle fronts. Our personnel strength was maintained at a very high level because of the fact that we were called upon to transport almost unlimited amounts of cargo at unscheduled times. Naturally, our entire group was rarely if ever functioning all at the same time, and so there were ...

Developing Composition In Photography, Charles Shaw 2015 Butler University

Developing Composition In Photography, Charles Shaw


Most amateur photographers will approach the subject of composition with fear and trembling. Probably the necessity for it in pictures has been stressed to the amateur since that first day he took his first picture, but a coherent grasp of the subject has eluded him. However, good composition is like good taste, based on simple principles and common sense.

Island Magnificent, Ed Lewis 2015 Butler University

Island Magnificent, Ed Lewis


The smooth, turquoise waves of the Pacific come speeding up the even coral runways and fling themselves, as if filled with exhaustion, on the glistening white sands of the beach. Graceful palm trees, pregnant with coconuts, stride down to the water's edge and cast their shadowy silhouettes on the blue glass of the lagoon.

July Comes To Hope, Betty Blades 2015 Butler University

July Comes To Hope, Betty Blades


There aren't many towns smaller than Hope. It's just about as small as a town can be and still be called a town, but it is typically Hoosier from the top of the shiny silver water tower to the green tufts shooting through the cracks in the sidewalks around the Square. It lies in an area of large, prosperous farms just south of the point where a small meandering creek called Haw-creek crosses State Road 9. The town is surrounded by rich pastures and tall, golden corn fields, with an occasional wood lot dotting the landscape.

Charley: Child Of Fate, William T. Edwards 2015 Butler University

Charley: Child Of Fate, William T. Edwards


CHARLEY was getting on in years when I met him. We took the same plane to Whitehorse where we were to work on the construction of a refinery, and there we were both assigned to the same crew of electricians...

The Old Soldier, George Fuller 2015 Butler University

The Old Soldier, George Fuller


The old soldier asks very little from the world.

He fought and died

And asks only to be free

To choose his private drive,

To determine its length and breadth,

And to enforce his own speed.

And then he laughs at his own absurdity.

Meeting, Mitzi Graham 2015 Butler University

Meeting, Mitzi Graham


I was waiting for a train when I saw them-the young woman and the child. They were standing just a little a~art from the others as if they were a little shy-perhaps, a little frightened. Two petite red bows clung precariously to the ends of two ash blond pigtails that protruded at a rakish angle from under the child's bonnet. Her pixy face and heavily lashed blue eyes were shining with excitement.

A Mirror For Students, George E. Traylor 2015 Butler University

A Mirror For Students, George E. Traylor


STUDENTS in universities and colleges are there for many reasons. To get an education in its broadest sense is too often not chief among these reasons. Sometimes it is possible to determine the purpose a student has for being in college in a matter of minutes, and in other cases, close association with the student must be maintained over a long period of time before it is possible to determine what his aims and expectations are with relation to his college life. Often students are not certain within their own minds just what reasons they have for being in school ...

Lost Goal, Joann-Lee Johnson 2015 Butler University

Lost Goal, Joann-Lee Johnson


I explored the caverns of my mind;

The chambers of my soul.

Hoping to find a single path

Leading to my goal.

Smart Fly, Donald H. Emrich 2015 Butler University

Smart Fly, Donald H. Emrich


SLOWLY and carefully I studied the signature sprawling lazily across the bottom of the page in grandiose style, so typical of Latin penmanship. Brushing aside an inquisitive fly, I reread the note and pondered at length upon its awkward phrasing. "Yes," I said, at last addressing the buzzing marauder, :'Carlos is licking his wounds, all right." It was all between the lines, his strained gaiety, a vain attempt to disguise the frustration, the bitter disappointment that was gnawing at his heart. Of course, the question that persisted in bothering me was whether his simple melancholy was justifiable. From the sidelines ...

Flight 501, George Fullen 2015 Butler University

Flight 501, George Fullen


THE African sun was excessively brilliant and hot as Jack and I struggled toward the Operations Buildings, carrying his bulging and unwieldy barracks bag between us. We dropped the bag in front of the unlovely red building with a gasp of relief. Jack mopped his face and tugged at the necktie which he was so unaccustomed to wearing. "I'm damned if I don't choose a cool day the next time I leave North Africa," he said. "You're luckier than me," I said. "It'll certainly be a cold day in July when I leave this place."

Schizophrenia, George Fullen 2015 Butler University

Schizophrenia, George Fullen


In a slattern country of pond and paradox,

He is a stem resisting the most violent winds,

But whose dead roots prevent the flow of the sap of life;

He is a sterile reed standing in fertile soil.

Alan Takes A Wife, Marjorie Little 2015 Butler University

Alan Takes A Wife, Marjorie Little


THE Dobbinses never had seemed to belong to Wayneboro society. Their children had always been my biggest problems in grade school, and scarcely a year went by that I didn't gain a new Dobbins while I still had one to cope with. Some of them could not help being problem children. They should not have come to school at all, for I didn't have either the time or the training to help their slow moving minds. Others seemed bright enough, but they were indifferent to school and left it any time a better occupation offered itself, perhaps to ...

The Ant-Hill, Joann-Lee Johnson 2015 Butler University

The Ant-Hill, Joann-Lee Johnson


No abstract provided.

The Long Journey, James Salee 2015 Butler University

The Long Journey, James Salee


THE boy stood near the entrance to the club-car and looked at the people. And the people who stirred in the smoke were like people in a dream...

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