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Behind The Meatball: A Reflection On Italian Cuisine, Lost And Found, Christina DeRay 2015 Seton Hall University

Behind The Meatball: A Reflection On Italian Cuisine, Lost And Found, Christina Deray

Seton Hall University Dissertations and Theses (ETDs)

This thesis is a memoir about the lives of the matriarchs of my family: my grandmothers, Carmina and Marie, but in many other ways the memoir becomes a point of entry for a personal essay that explores the culture of authenticity in American cuisine. As a memoir, I offer a personal history of an original Italian cuisine from my very Italian family— how it was transplanted from the European “boot” to American soil, how it flourished through the lessons Carmina taught my family, and how it got transformed when it hit American. I reflect upon the appearance, after the Second ...

Digital Demonstrations: Examinations Of Protests And Politics In Cory Doctorow’S Young Adult Fiction, Jacob Brown 2015 Bowling Green State University

Digital Demonstrations: Examinations Of Protests And Politics In Cory Doctorow’S Young Adult Fiction, Jacob Brown

Ray Browne Conference on Cultural and Critical Studies

Within this paper, I intend to examine the manner by which author and blogger Cory Doctorow utilizes complex themes of digital labor exploitation and intellectual property law within his young adult fiction in order to bring about positive social change, with particular attention paid to the 2008 novel Little Brother and its 2013 sequel Homeland, the 2010 novel For the Win, the 2012 novel Pirate Cinema, and 2014’s In Real Life, a graphic novel written by Doctorow and illustrated by Jen Wang. Throughout Doctorow’s realistic depictions of slightly-fictionalized versions of contemporary life and embellishments of near-future settings, readers ...

Volume 13, Issue 1: Full Issue, 2015 Butler University

Volume 13, Issue 1: Full Issue


No abstract provided.

Vignettes, 2015 Butler University



No abstract provided.

Period Of Disaster, Hank Hurt 2015 Butler University

Period Of Disaster, Hank Hurt


it's over now! The blaze of battle has died down and the fury of the beast has been subdued.

School Days Fifty Years Ago, Patricia Pointer 2015 Butler University

School Days Fifty Years Ago, Patricia Pointer


Not long ago I had a very interesting conversation with a friend of my grandfather. While discussing my graduation from high school and the coming year at Butler, r was' amazed to discover that he had taught school in a rural district some fifty years ago. Naturally I wanted to know all about it because, although I've read much about the strict old schoolmasters who :'didn't spare the rod," I had never seen or talked to one. As I listened to his tales, I felt almost as if I were reading the "Hoosier Schoolmaster."

First Impressions, Elsie Ruth Young 2015 Butler University

First Impressions, Elsie Ruth Young


Many times something that happened years ago will stand out clearer in our minds than those things which happened last month or even last week. Thus it is with my first symphony concert. I was in the third grade when my teacher voted to take us to the matinee concert of the Cincinnati Orchestra each time it came to our city, At least a month beforehand she, being an able musician herself, endeavored to explain the program to us and thus gave us adequate preparation for listening.

The Character Of Tailholt, William T. Sharp 2015 Butler University

The Character Of Tailholt, William T. Sharp


All those who really knew John Taylor are dead and forgotten. His generation have by this time advanced a considerable way down the line of history. Not all has been forgotten, however; as the story was passed on to me by my grandfather's narrations, I feel as though I really knew old John myself.

The Ride, Phyllis J, Banks 2015 Butler University

The Ride, Phyllis J, Banks


Going to school was a thrilling event, especially since it involved riding in a shiny black and red pony cart behind the most handsome pony you ever saw. I discovered after a few rides that Jerry was not only 'handsome, but high-spirited and of a very unstable disposition. He resented being held in check when galloping down the hill or swerving around the corners.

My Future, Billie Cole 2015 Butler University

My Future, Billie Cole


The drama of the future becomes ourselves. A part of us is already dead, gone, and no longer existing anywhere. From the beginning of our existence we have left behind a part of us each day, a portion of burned energy which will never return.

Patty, Geraldine Harman 2015 Butler University

Patty, Geraldine Harman


The electric light in the middle of the ceiling illuminated the large, wide, antique bed in the center of the room. The carved headboard seemed to fill the space along the entire wall, although there was also a small desk in one corner covered with an arrangement of various pens and pencils and different shades of ink.

Experiment K-353, Jack Green 2015 Butler University

Experiment K-353, Jack Green


I watched wistfully as the last brownie was tucked 'carefully into the overladen basket. I gave a longing look as I saw the basket disappear through the gate under Mother's arm. There I was, stomach feeling as if my throat had been cut.

Under the impulse of the moment, I decided to see just what could be done to alleviate the situation.

Air Drop In Burma, Theodore R. Cox 2015 Butler University

Air Drop In Burma, Theodore R. Cox


Up and down over the mountain trails came the soldiers, shuffling along as though they were ready to drop. Yes, they were almost at the collapsing point, and their tired and dirty appearance showed that their march with full field pack and battle equipment had been anything but pleasant. On and on, day after day, this must go, for ahead of them lay the enemy. The only way to get them out was to go over the mountains, and to do this made one's body cry out with agony.

That's My Mom, Clarissa Hollander 2015 Butler University

That's My Mom, Clarissa Hollander


With a dab of flour on her nose and a twinkle in her eyes the not too plump little woman stepped to the front of the stage. The scene was the auditorium of the local synagogue. The occasion was a meeting of the Sisterhood of the congregation. The program was a baking demonstration by Mrs. David Hollander. Mrs. Hollander was to show the ladies the fine art of making Viennese flaky cookies.

A Five Minute Decision, Betty Rippy 2015 Butler University

A Five Minute Decision, Betty Rippy


"Frozen section in Surgery 12." Those are familiar words to anyone in the laboratory at one of the local hospitals. Behind those five words lie one of the many services offered to the patients While there. They very seldom if ever hear of it; yet on this may depend the extent of their surgery or their very lives.

The Fisherman, Elizabeth Bran 2015 Butler University

The Fisherman, Elizabeth Bran


The calmness of the lake was shattered by the put-put of an outboard as it rounded the bit of land at the edge of the bay and came in toward the boathouse.

An Arkansas Private, William Handman 2015 Butler University

An Arkansas Private, William Handman


On the outskirts of a demolished Ger- I man town huddled in a machine gun emplacement were two American soldiers. The tall, lean but rugged private lay slovenly in the mud and snow. His beard of three weeks coated with a thin layer of ice was all that showed as the sergeant bellowed his command to clean the machine gun. Every inch of his six foot four-inch brawn and muscle turned slowly as he opened one eye and drawled, "O.K., Sarge, but this is one hell of a time to get ideas like that." He brushed the fallen snow ...

On True Friendship, Henry E. Hill 2015 Butler University

On True Friendship, Henry E. Hill


In the recesses of every normal human breast there lies a keen longing for a true and intimate friendship. It is a rare privilege, however, for one to possess a friendship that is full and complete. True friendship costs us something which most people are unwilling to pay.

Rain, Mary Alice Kessler 2015 Butler University

Rain, Mary Alice Kessler


Short Poem

Dolorosa, Lena Moulton 2015 Butler University

Dolorosa, Lena Moulton


Short Poem

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