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Front Trigger Hose Nozzle/Pistol Grip Hose Nozzle, Ariel Mazariegos 2014 University of New Orleans

Front Trigger Hose Nozzle/Pistol Grip Hose Nozzle, Ariel Mazariegos

Innovate UNO

debris, sandpaper, decorative paper, and rhinestones

Volume 9, Issue 4: Full Issue, 2014 Butler University

Volume 9, Issue 4: Full Issue


Full issue of the May 1942 issue of Manuscripts. Includes work by:Helen Elizabeth Hughes, Jack DeVine, Esther Benjamin, Joe Berry, J. Robert Dietz, Glenn H. Fisher, Myron Scarbrough, Patricia Sylvester, Mary Wiley, Richard Moores, Rachel Whelan, Richard Outcalt, Margaret Byram, Janet Gregory, Joseph A. Trent, Ione COlligan, Jeane Siskel, Jean M. Chalifour, Jim Mitchell, Betty Frances Thome, Bob Harris, Alfonse Tapia, Virgina Hurt, Jean Ebeling, Ardath Weigler, and Mary Ellen Shirley.

Excerpts, 2014 Butler University



Excerpts from additional submissions by authors: Melvin Kuebler, Richard Jowitt, Mary Elizabeth Black, Quentin West, Edward F. Wright, Margie Ann Hukriede, Margaret Dawson, Don R. Cutsinger, and Suzanne Van Talge.

Motherhood, Mary E. Shirley 2014 Butler University

Motherhood, Mary E. Shirley


As she lay in the midst of dirt and squalor she seemed in utter oblivion. To her the cobwebby walls, the cockroaches, the plush chair with springs uncovered, and the filthy blanket were unimportant, because for once in her life, the young colored girl had captured the spotlight. She was the center of interest in that room; of secondary interest was the baby - her baby - in the next room.

Winter, Ardath Weigler 2014 Butler University

Winter, Ardath Weigler


Faint, uncertain fluorescence of day struggling to penetrate the murk of man-made atmosphere - pushing through the exhalation of factory and furnace, making silhouette background for life. An occasional, broken shuffle of steps along the gritty alleyways as a solitary devotee gropes his path to the six o'clock mass. Lining the street - drab frame houses point a picket finger of mediocrity. Unrelieved monotony of mansard roofs jagging against the dun-colored sky, holding the saturated weight above.

About Defeat, Jean Ebeling 2014 Butler University

About Defeat, Jean Ebeling


There they lay, slung back in a corner, discarded from any future use, and looking as if every ounce of strength and good will had been wrung from their very soles. Only a few months before, that old pair of shoes could have held up its laces and thrown back its tongue, unshamefully encountering any other pair of shoes-even those of the higher priced class.

Libya, Virginia Hurt 2014 Butler University

Libya, Virginia Hurt


As far as one could see stretched the shimmering sands of the Sahara. The fury of the day seemed to beat upon the earth and the burning glare of the desert set weaving heat-waves into motion above the shifting hillocks, which the scorching wind swept into being and inevitably demolished with its swaying motion.

A Penny For Your Thoughts, Alfonse Tapia 2014 Butler University

A Penny For Your Thoughts, Alfonse Tapia


"A Penny for your thoughts."
What could I answer, when, in reality, I had been thinking of absolutely nothing. I was just looking at nature; nature who has always done something to me. I cannot put my finger on it, but I can feel it vaguely with a certain weakness that causes a disengagement from the powers of description. As mysterious as night itself; like the flame glowing in the fireplace, or the tobacco smoke, lazily drifting along to nowhere. It is in that way that I watch the always vanishing 'something' that is forever there in nature.

Munitions Worker, Bob Harris 2014 Butler University

Munitions Worker, Bob Harris


a little lesson in love and virtue
a discourse between god and saint peter
pertaining to the soul of a munitions maker.

Appreciation, Betty F. Thome 2014 Butler University

Appreciation, Betty F. Thome


My father is sitting at the breakfast
table, his left hand raises by degrees a cup
of coffee to his lips, his right hand firmly
grips the most important part of his morning
meal-the newspaper. Suddenly, the
left hand goes sharply down, making the
china cup click as it hits the saucer, the
sports' page is enlightening this morning.
"By God, Galento's going to try it
again! Tonight at 8: 30!" My father issues
this announcement as fervently as a revival
preacher heralds the end of the World.
"Who is Galento?" says my mother
very innocently from her side ...

This Thing Called Love, Jim Mitchell 2014 Butler University

This Thing Called Love, Jim Mitchell


"What is this thing called Io-o-ove?" wails the radio crooner in his agonized search for the "sweet mystery of life." All over the country, dowagers and damsels alike sigh and shed a tear of pity; and "the poor fellow" is voted to a high place among the ranking stars of radio. As his popularity increases, his paycheck grows about in proportion to the square of his "public," and life becomes a song for the crooner with the "catch" in his voice. What is the first thing our poor love-starved hero does upon landing a spot on a coast-to- coast network ...

Struggles In Slang, Jean M. Chalifour 2014 Butler University

Struggles In Slang, Jean M. Chalifour


"Slang!! Our children do not use
slang," emphatically pronounced the Head
English Mistress in the G. S. C. School for
Girls, somewhere in England. Now, in
spite of an extremely exaggerated Oxford
accent which usually practically defied the
American Exchange Teacher's powers of
translation, the meaning of this statement
was crystal clear and raised a healthy
resentment in the American's heart. Had
not the A. E. T. heard much slang at the
"digs" among the "diggers" who were well
educated, teachers and bank "clarks?"
When the A. E. T. suggested this to the
H. E. M., she was ...

That Is Why, Jeane Siskel 2014 Butler University

That Is Why, Jeane Siskel


They were as high as high. Below them, was not that full, rounded form of yellow light the moon-the moon anchored in distant music? Were not the sudden twinklings seen in the distance the stars? Were not those shifting shadows clouds?

Just Past Six, Ione Colligan 2014 Butler University

Just Past Six, Ione Colligan


You long to be a big boy, Jerry? Want to be like Uncle John, and shoulder guns instead of sticks and know what's wrong with all the world and how the troubles should be fixed? I see. You don't like being just past six. You want to stride with head thrown back and shoulders square. You'd wear big boots and roar and swear.

The Pleasures Of Eating, Joseph Trent 2014 Butler University

The Pleasures Of Eating, Joseph Trent


Eating is necessary, and in most cases, pleasurable. If one derives pleasures from eating, one has reasons for doing so. These pleasures, the foods that make eating pleasurable, and the people who eat such foods will be discussed in this paper. The pleasures of eating is an interesting topic and should provide you with some interesting and amusing thoughts.

I have heard of people who love certain foods because of their dainty and beautiful appearance. And then, too, I have heard of people who have favorite foods because they have such a pleasurable feeling after having partaken of these foods ...

Hitler And Wagnerism, Janet Gregory 2014 Butler University

Hitler And Wagnerism, Janet Gregory


To the average person the name Wagner means nothing more than the name .of a German composer and writer of operas. However, that name means to the German people almost as much as the name of Hitler. Wagner's music is so impressive that it has lived through the past century and has come to be one of the most outstanding influences on modern Europe. It has been said that whoever expects to understand National Socialist Germany must know Wagner. Adolph Hitler has often told his friends and the whole National Socialist regime, which finds its foundation in the Germanic ...

Two Poems, Margaret Byram 2014 Butler University

Two Poems, Margaret Byram


On Discovering a Book of Shelley's Poems

A portion of the feeling that once hallowed Keats
when he kenned the vast unknown
And stood, a Watcher, rapt, alone,
Came to me, a vision, swift, unbearable
In beauty scarcely born.

The joy of fusing with a master's soul,
The searching bliss of first discovery
Swept my mind, and left me tense and free,
A spirit treading the fresh-dewed grass
In early morn.

My Attitude Toward Poems, Richard Outcalt 2014 Butler University

My Attitude Toward Poems, Richard Outcalt


I am not interested in most poems. At one time I disliked poetry to the full extent of my ability, but as I grew up I became aware that to many people, poetry was all right. On careful consideration of this awakening, I decided that there were undoubtedly merits to poetry, but that you had to be in the mood to really get anything out of them. This mood to me seemed to signify a pale thin fellow skipping with gaily outstretched arms and fingers, romping through sunny fields of buttercups chasing gorgeous butterflies, then, tiring of this strenuous exercise ...

My Experience With Poetry, Rachel Whelan 2014 Butler University

My Experience With Poetry, Rachel Whelan


Poetry? A strange parade of multicolored, grotesque and unique figures begins its march through my mind. Far down a misty street of reminiscence it is headed by a gingham dog and a calico cat, and passing the reviewing stand at this moment is the pitiful crowd from the "Fall of the City" led by the mysterious woman. My parade is distinguished from all others because its end is never viewed, and the beginning never stops, for there will always be spectators for this parade, and though the street is winding and narrow in spots it never terminates.

Sun On The Steeple, Richard Moores 2014 Butler University

Sun On The Steeple, Richard Moores


The man rolled over in bed and woke up. He opened his eyes slowly and carefully and immediately closed them. Bright yellow sunlight came through the second story window and struck the bright yellow ugliness of the wall paper. The man put his hand in front of his eyes and blinked a few times, then he took his hand away and looked at the clock on the table beside the bed. It was 10:15 and the post man always came by at 9. The man decided to take it easy. He shook the last cigarette out of the pack ...

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