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Digital Space Art (History?), France Languérand 2015 Artiste

Digital Space Art (History?), France Languérand

Artl@s Bulletin

Invited by ARTL@S Bulletin as visual artist, France Languérand opted for a first-person text introducing her artworks—which develop into the digital sphere, questionning their own sustainability— and recounting the evolution of her relationship the digital space. This walkthrough is guided by her current thoughts about numbers and coding system as creative tools. Languérand’s pieces are only partially visible in the physical world but exist entirely in the digital space.

Hangs Brightly, Yirui Ding 2015 Claremont Graduate University

Hangs Brightly, Yirui Ding

CGU MFA Theses

My works are inextricably related to my life. They create an imaginary world that reflects my actual experiences, emotions, and memories. Also, I never expect every viewer to could discover, but wait for careful viewers to discover it and to free up their own minds and to draw their own conclusions.

2406, Farnaz Sabet 2015 Claremont Graduate University

2406, Farnaz Sabet

CGU MFA Theses

This paper is experimentation with clay and how it relates to body specially with changes in clay comparing to body and how we adapt to our surrounding.

Storytelling In Art Museums, Hayley P. Trinkoff 2015 Seton Hall University

Storytelling In Art Museums, Hayley P. Trinkoff

Seton Hall University Dissertations and Theses (ETDs)

Storytelling, in the context of art museums, is a method of communicating the qualities and attributes of art through a story. It helps the visitor bring the work of art to life and understand something the eye cannot see, a compelling narrative. It is important for visitors to discuss art and share stories on tours and through virtual media. We learn and form our own meanings from stories. These interactions will help build more relationships within communities. It is the museum’s job to take visitors on a journey and introduce them to new objects and perspectives.

This thesis addresses ...

Temporary Shelter, Renae Barnard 2015 Claremont Graduate University

Temporary Shelter, Renae Barnard

CGU MFA Theses

My work considers the ways in which gender performance, desire and objectification are inter-related through power structures. I’m interested in indulging in the pleasure and tactility of making while exploring the network of interactions between perception, time and the inadequacy of language.

Many of my sculptures are worked within inches of collapse and reflect my attraction to the imperfect and the aged. These folded, twisted, and sewn objects are both destroyed by and reinforced with the repetitive gestures by which they are made. These works wrestle with demonstrations of femininity and normative methods of valuation while investigating concerns like ...

Tiktak, Fang Li 2015 Claremont Graduate University

Tiktak, Fang Li

CGU MFA Theses


My works present the inherent nature of space and light. A chemical process is approached in a way, which has similarly quality to a natural process. I’m interested in how the material can change itself and how I can manipulate that change.

I use a wide range of materials as much as to match my ideas and the form. They are presented in simple, unified or repeating forms. There is a physical, innermost satisfaction in the activity of working with simple materials. I materialize them and allow them to be both real and imaginative: visually compelling, intellectually intriguing ...

Contemporary Family Portrait: The Hidden Uncomfortable Truth Of Family Dynamics, Ji Won Park 2015 Washington University in St Louis

Contemporary Family Portrait: The Hidden Uncomfortable Truth Of Family Dynamics, Ji Won Park

Undergraduate Theses—Unrestricted

This thesis examines the hidden aspect of family dynamic and questions the idealized convention of family portraits. Based on Erving Goffman’s theatrical theory of community, family as a relaxing intimate group in the backstage, the underlying tensions, conflicts, and power play are discussed. This thesis draws upon the familial issues and treatments of Leon J. Saul and Rhee Dong Shick to evaluate the family dynamic present in our domestic settings. As the lineage of family portraits from history changed reflecting the differing family values and uncomfortable truths, the idealized family portraits are re-evaluated and questioned to offer a truer ...

Imagining New Possibilities Through Social Practice, Sarah O. Hull 2015 Washington University in St. Louis

Imagining New Possibilities Through Social Practice, Sarah O. Hull

Undergraduate Theses—Unrestricted

In my practice, I have significantly questioned the role of the arts in social

change. I have explored various forms of social practice, especially political art,

public art and community art. Social practice lives in-between the world of art

and social action and can add an important voice to both. Still, social practice,

(like all forms of art) is limited and cannot be the sole source of social change. It

is by working with others already organizing for social change, but bringing in

the unique skills and perspectives of an artist that social practice is most

effective. In this thesis ...

Process As Practice : Expressions Of The Numinous, Morgan Dowty 2015 Washington University in St. Louis

Process As Practice : Expressions Of The Numinous, Morgan Dowty

Undergraduate Theses—Unrestricted

This statement explores the ways in which language and art making approach description of spiritual and largely ineffable experiences. Through the lens of Rudolf Otto’s discussion of the numinous, visual languages, including darkness, scale and silence, are explored as methods for expression of the spiritual. Throughout the exploration of material and process, an emphasis is placed on exploring a relationship between the transcendental and the everyday, between the physical and spiritual world. The making process is highlighted for its ability to create space and time to reflect on these questions. Printmaking as a translator of both object and image ...

Ritual Embodiment: The Body Remembers Through Ritual, Ayesha Mohyuddin 2015 Washington University in St Louis

Ritual Embodiment: The Body Remembers Through Ritual, Ayesha Mohyuddin

Undergraduate Theses—Unrestricted

Ritual externalizes religious belief through physical embodiment and codified performance that allows it to be shared through a community. In a post 9/11 American society where Muslims are subject to increased scrutiny,. In a secular society that regulates religion to the private sphere so as not to conflict with the identity of the state, externalized religious identity can become problematic, especially as a Muslim living in post 9/11 United States. Ritual thenritual becomes a way to otherize a community based on shared practices. an identity under increased scrutiny. However, looking beyond the framework that the specific rules of ...

Black Culture: A Societal Problem, Quamesha Brown 2015 Washington University in St Louis

Black Culture: A Societal Problem, Quamesha Brown

Undergraduate Theses—Unrestricted

American society, regardless of what history has been told, has never been a society that is truly free of social prejudices especially for its black community. The many depictions of black people in America has caused a number of psychological and physical difficulties for black communities. In this paper, the main topic is the ways in which black culture is portrayed in American society and how that representation has affected the black community and the black experience. Although there are common experiences shared between people in the black community, the black experience is highly individualized; there is no singular definition ...

The Girl Who Didn’T Know She Wasn’T Singing, REBECCA M. LOTHAN 2015 Washington University in St Louis

The Girl Who Didn’T Know She Wasn’T Singing, Rebecca M. Lothan

Undergraduate Theses—Unrestricted

I am interested what is obscured by the mundane, diurnal nature of objects that surround us which uphold a comfortable rhythm that easily resists close observation. My thesis work examines states of flux, a body of work that is neither here nor there, but hovers in an in between area: in existing between painting and sculpture, in revealing transcendent qualities of the everyday, raising questions about value, and fundamental acts of seeing and considering artwork. context becomes key in framing the experience of the work, each piece is perceptually contingent on external factors; in viewership and the individual viewer experience ...

Ghosts In The Garden: Cultural Critique Through The Lens Of The Absurd, Andrew T. Catanese 2015 Washington University in St Louis

Ghosts In The Garden: Cultural Critique Through The Lens Of The Absurd, Andrew T. Catanese

Undergraduate Theses—Unrestricted

The primary lens by which I deconstruct my work is the absurd and “lucidity” of the absurd as developed by Camus in The Myth of Sisyphus. Camus’ absurd grows out of the tension between human desire for establishing order with the impossibility of doing so in a universe that continually resists our abstractions. The absurd then becomes a means to understanding the criticisms in my work of consumerism, behavior, and spaces which attempt to control or constrict people. I approach my art as an “other” or “outsider” from the system of Protestant moral dichotomy in which I grew up. There ...

The Representation Of Non-Traditional Bodies, Elizabeth J. Perkins 2015 Washington University in St. Louis

The Representation Of Non-Traditional Bodies, Elizabeth J. Perkins

Undergraduate Theses—Unrestricted

My work largely addresses the close-minded Western ideals of the human body, particularly those related to females. Stemming from struggles with my own sense of security, I strive to create accessible works of art that both challenge and expand these ideals by representing figural imagery beyond such social constraints. Though my works may seem to serve the purpose of mockery at first, the urgency of the issues portrayed becomes apparent as the pieces are studied more carefully. I explore how exposure, vulnerability, grotesqueness, and intimacy within my work serve as a means to expand our cultural ideals for the human ...

In-Betweeness On Stage, Qiyuan Liu 2015 Washington University in St Louis

In-Betweeness On Stage, Qiyuan Liu

Undergraduate Theses—Unrestricted

It all started with the question of “where are you from”. Coming from China and making art in America, I have been confused by people’s question about where am I from and, more importantly, where I identify myself belong. By using installation as the main format, I created works with strong theatrical quality to restage and reenact my social and cultural experiences that finally led to my understanding of the “in-betweeness” of myself: I reside in neither of the two cultures but rather moving back and forth between them. I carry influences from both sides with me and present ...

Unknown, Gabrielle E. Valdez 2015 University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Unknown, Gabrielle E. Valdez

Theses, Dissertations, and Student Creative Activity, Department of Art and Art History

As somebody who spent a considerable amount of time coming to terms with my own identity, I would often look to other people to try and see what makes them who they are. This is obviously impossible to ascertain from a quick glance or brief observation I make in a public space. I know almost nothing about the subjects of my paintings — and the viewer of my paintings is provided the limited information that I take away from this interaction. These brief encounters are documented as photographs taken with my phone. This body of work is a progression. As I ...

Standing Still, Young Tseng Wong 2015 Claremont Graduate University

Standing Still, Young Tseng Wong

CGU MFA Theses

I am drawn to the in-between — to movement at the corners of the eyes, to the moments between one breath and the next. When we want to catch such moments we stand still, we pause, we wait, "with bated breath." At such moments, I believe, the potential exists for taking on different perspectives and for finding other points of view.

Standing still, in a state of stillness, is an action that encapsulates many of my concerns. My work takes form in objects and architecture that collaborate with bodies moving inside them. The space is structured, not as a system, but ...

Transmogrify, Yehsiming S. Jue 2015 Claremont Graduate University

Transmogrify, Yehsiming S. Jue

CGU MFA Theses

Teeth are unique to the individual just like fingerprints. I paint human sets of teeth and their stages of mutations to explore the connections between our own naturally occurring inner mutations and our science-enduced rebuilding of these structures from stem cells. These duplicated and mirrored forms originate from teeth stem cells and their ability to regenerate our teeth. I also use teeth in my work because they represent us as a whole yet erase the boundary line of gender; while they still follow a naturally occurring, common process. So we can all relate to teeth, yet they are very personal ...

Fostering The Efficacious Adolescent Artist, Regina Beltowski 2015 Western Michigan University

Fostering The Efficacious Adolescent Artist, Regina Beltowski

Master's Theses

Low self-esteem and insecurity is common among adolescents. In the secondary-school art room, students often stop engaging in art practice, believing that they lack talent, when the truth is that they lack specific skills. Students who are fortunate to have teachers who help them develop their skills experience a boost in feelings of self-efficacy, and often reengage with art production. This thesis project focuses on strengthening students’ self-efficacy in the visual arts at the secondary level. Clarifying the differences between related terms – self-esteem, self-concept, and perceived control – I focus on self-efficacy as a characteristic that plays a significant role in ...

Mohamed BanawyʹS "The Valleyʺ And The "Treasures Of Knowledge", Emily M. Knight 2015 Kennesaw State University

Mohamed BanawyʹS "The Valleyʺ And The "Treasures Of Knowledge", Emily M. Knight

Symposium of Student Scholars

Within the context of the production of contemporary art, interest has increasingly focused on global art. New cultural and artistic exchanges have influenced and enabled artists of diverse backgrounds to gain recognition with international art exhibitions being the forum in which to encounter and interpret new artistic representations. The 55th Venice Biennale held in 2013 hosted over 88 national pavilions, exhibiting works by over 150 artists. It was here that I encountered the work of Egyptian artist Mohamed Banawy and his large scale multimedia mosaic ‘The Valley’. Through visual analysis and a dialog with the artist I examine Banawy’s ...

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