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Still, Unfolding, Ramolen Mencero Laruan 2020 The University of Western Ontario

Still, Unfolding, Ramolen Mencero Laruan

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository

Together with my Master of Fine Art thesis exhibition, still, unfolding, at Zalucky Contemporary (Toronto, Ontario), this dossier constitutes the following accompanying components: a comprehensive artist statement, documented artwork, an interview with artist Erika DeFreitas, and a curriculum vitae. These components contextualize my subject-position, and outline theoretical research, motivations, and reflections that drive my work. I expand on the diasporic experience, politics of knowledge, and the autobiographical genre as they are linked methodologies in the retrieval of immigrant histories. The fusion of autobiography and fiction becomes a hopeful approach in challenging forgotten or omitted history and confronts the expectations that ...

In The Garden, Clare Samani 2020 Louisiana State University

In The Garden, Clare Samani

LSU Master's Theses

My work has focused largely on identity and self-expression, primarily through clothing, pattern, and color as a symbolic content. Having heavily investigated historical costume and clothing from various periods, my attention is drawn to the highly sculptural and ornamented garments of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the rococo, and the baroque. In these colorful and puffed garments, I am attracted to the similarities that I see in nature. How we adorn ourselves mimics various flowers, plants and animals in the pursuit of desire and procreation. Focusing on fabric manipulation, printmaking and sculpture, In the Garden coalesces into ambiguous sculptures that ...

The Things Of Mind, Yini Luo 2020 Rhode Island School of Design

The Things Of Mind, Yini Luo

Masters Theses

My thesis research shows my thinking and reflection on environmental changes around me in the past and especially the past two years. Through the experience between the city and nature, my research has clarified my different perspectives and explored the expression and reproduction through the print media and glass media.

Things That Grew While I Looked At The Ground, Heather McMordie 2020 Rhode Island School of Design

Things That Grew While I Looked At The Ground, Heather Mcmordie

Masters Theses

Broadly speaking, I am interested in the role of fine arts in translating the complexities of natural systems. This particular body of work explores the relationship between printmaking and soil science—just one of the many possible relationships between arts and sciences—with a focus on salt marsh soil systems. Generating public interest soil systems and other hidden ecological systems can be difficult due to the opaqueness of language and concepts surrounding these systems and a perceived distance (physically or conceptually) from the general public. Printmaking—with its inherent multiplicity, mediation, and readability—offers opportunities for making the seeming abstraction ...

Rootless, Lilla Szekely 2020 Rhode Island School of Design

Rootless, Lilla Szekely

Masters Theses

This thesis is an attempt to understand the relationship of my art to nature and my sense of rootlessness. I have been imprinted by the places I have lived in yet disconnected from them as well. I am often situated on the 'other side' and as my perspective has learned to shift between the global and the local, between the outsider and insider gaze, I have come to describe this ability as being 'rootless'. I believe this condition is more common in America, the country of immigrants than anywhere else. Our memories are often re-told in the form of stories ...

Recipes, Camille Chew 2020 Rhode Island School of Design

Recipes, Camille Chew

Masters Theses

Ingredients and materials can be manipulated and combined to create something new-a transformation akin to alchemy. Vegetables are chopped and brewed into soup; clay is glazed and fired into sculpture; flour. sugar. butter and eggs bake into a cake; ink is pressed into paper to make prints. These processes are acts of magic that are performed in kitchens and studios every day.

After spending all day working in the print shop, I always feel most refreshed and contented once I've cooked a meal and sat down to enjoy it. This past year I began bringing baked goods to class ...

Storytelling In Arts, Lindi Shi 2020 Rhode Island School of Design

Storytelling In Arts, Lindi Shi

Masters Theses

People and narratives are the core of my art practice. Compared with only exploring the subject matter, I am more excited about the characters and narratives around it. My media gradually shifts from flat drawings or prints to installation, performance, and even explosions. Perhaps as a human myself, I like people a lot. There are always interesting stories where people go. The thesis discusses four stories, including an oral tale from my grandma, my personal experience, stories about bodies, and a story in the imagination. This writing reflects my research on the relationship between types of storytelling and various art ...

The Adventures Of Crazy Space Pigeon And Catowl, Kati Silveria 2020 EWU

The Adventures Of Crazy Space Pigeon And Catowl, Kati Silveria

2020 Symposium Creative Works

I have been fascinated by the processes of traditional hand printmaking techniques. (Relief, Lithography, Collagraph and Etching). Comics have also been a passion of mine for over ten years. I wanted to combine these two passions, comics and printmaking, into one work of art. It is a joy to create worlds and stories that people can dive into, engage with, and enjoy. My current project, The Adventures of Crazy Space Pigeon and Catowl, is aimed at creating one such world. The three stories in the book follow my two characters and their imaginary adventures. The book platform is created using ...

Alternative Methods, Hunter Stabler 2020 Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

Alternative Methods, Hunter Stabler

LSU Master's Theses


In the realm of precognitive artmaking, the artist’s role is that of an antenna. One must be receptive to the subtle, invisible flow of creative novelty in order to participate in the involuntary channeling of new ideas, new processes, and alternative methods of creative production. Carving out new territory within the realm of static art is a primary objective for my artistic process. By utilizing digital fabrication tools, paired with my affinity for intricate craft and optical metagrobolization, I have created a body of work that invents alternative processes and unique aesthetic languages.

Digital imaging, digital modeling and ...

Art Of Darkness, Sarah Roper 2020 University of Mississippi

Art Of Darkness, Sarah Roper

Honors Theses

This paper describes the process, production, and explanation of Art of Darkness, an artistic expression of the struggle with anxiety. All of the work is inspired by literature and art from the English Romantic and Victorian eras, and focuses on quotes about the mind, emotions, and other thought processes. As each piece highlights a different aspect of anxiety, it also portrays the struggles of anxiety through color palette, printing process, and symbolism. These printed pieces consist of letter-press printed materials, with ink-wiped backgrounds and hand-stitched details. Also included are large-scale prints with silkscreened foregrounds, a selection of bookmarks, a small ...

I Hear You Now, I See You Then, Quinn Hunter 2020 Ohio University

I Hear You Now, I See You Then, Quinn Hunter

Art + Design Masters Theses

In the research driven project I Hear You Now, I See You Then, I refer to the contemporary and historical erasure of the labor of African American women using research gathered from the southern plantation economy to create an art installation. The objects in this installation are primarily made with artificial hair integrations and utilizing labor intensive methods that are similar to those used to install the hair on the Black body. The objects I make reference the luxury items in the domestic spaces of historic plantation sites that have been re-branded to be used in the wedding /tourism industry ...

Study Of Native Colombian Tribes' Art As A Mean Of Inspiration, Sofia Fernandez 2020 University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Study Of Native Colombian Tribes' Art As A Mean Of Inspiration, Sofia Fernandez

UCARE Research Products

Culture is one of the most important aspects of a human being, it shapes our behavior and identity since we are born. It is our lifestyle and it refers to many aspects such as the language we use, our values, traditions, beliefs, etc. Cultural diversity is one of the aspects communities nowadays emphasize the most, they want people to be mindful and respectful of the different cultures represented within the community itself. This creative project examines Latin American art, particularly Indigenous Colombian art as a source of inspiration for the creation of a series of artworks. This project aims to ...

What The Eyes See And The Mind Knows, Amanda Durig 2020 University of Nebraska - Lincoln

What The Eyes See And The Mind Knows, Amanda Durig

Theses, Dissertations, and Student Creative Activity, School of Art, Art History and Design

Every morning as I set out for a walk, my mind starts trailing off as my eyes scan my neighborhood; I begin to wander into a daydream, tuning in to the pictures that I paint in my mind, imposing what I am observing into a new possibility of reality. This exploration into the lives of others in this world is a breath of fresh air, a reprieve from the demands of daily life. I am inspired by the narrative that is unknowingly being written into the earth by my neighbors, intrigued by the solutions that they come up with for ...

Senior Art Portfolio: La Quinceañera, Angeles Jimenez 2020 St. Norbert College

Senior Art Portfolio: La Quinceañera, Angeles Jimenez

Senior Art Portfolios

A series of black and white relief prints by Angeles Jimenez regarding the traditions of quinceañeras.

Viseral Projects, Matthew Conrardy 2020 Central Washington University

Viseral Projects, Matthew Conrardy

Undergraduate Honors Theses

A brand’s image, its identity, is established through what the brand is, what it does, where it is going, and how it is unique. The representation of a brand’s identity materializes through the messaging, images, graphics, colors, and typography associated with it. Brand manuals are designed to establish and maintain both the consistency and flexibility of the brand identity.

This manual outlines the visual and verbal applications that currently embody the Viseral Projects brand across the multimedia environment. It includes information outlining the Viseral brand story, identity system,

platforms, and examples of executions. It has been constructed with ...

Salvatdre Dali. La Conquette Du Cosmos, Ii, University Archives and Special Collections, Prescott Memorial Library, Louisiana Tech University 2020 Louisiana Tech University

Salvatdre Dali. La Conquette Du Cosmos, Ii, University Archives And Special Collections, Prescott Memorial Library, Louisiana Tech University

Manuscript Finding Aids

This boxed set of numbered chromolithographs is apparently the work of the famed Spanish artist Salvador Dali (1904-1988) although we have been unable to identify this title within his total work and the accessions record is lacking

Passe Pas: Rethinking The Passport, Miriam E. Bankier 2020 Scripps College

Passe Pas: Rethinking The Passport, Miriam E. Bankier

Scripps Senior Theses

Filled with national symbols, stamps and basic identifying information, a passport can obscure the humanity behind the individual passport holder, inverting it from a symbol of citizenship and belonging to one of marginalization and xenophobia. In today’s political climate, the meaning of art has become intersected with politics and the law. Using the very tools and some processes of passport production, i.e. mixed media and printmaking techniques, my work responds to and disrupts the bureaucracy and impersonal settings involving passports and identification documents. I draw from my own experiences and privilege as having Austrian, Italian, and American citizenship ...

...And Yet The Devil Exists, John Hee Taek Chae 2020 Virginia Commonwealth University

...And Yet The Devil Exists, John Hee Taek Chae

Theses and Dissertations

...And Yet the Devil Exists is a project that explores the ways in which ideology determines reality. It is an installation that plots and connects the historical and personal narratives that have defined my sense of identity–narratives in which perceptions of reality shatter, mutate, or hybridize when confronted with power, opportunity, or coercion. The installation component of the project consists of three parts. The first is an infrastructure made of wooden beams upon which paintings and images are installed; I call this the lantern. In the center of this is a round table on top of which is a ...

Good Grief, Madeleine Pearl Buzbee 2020 Bard College

Good Grief, Madeleine Pearl Buzbee

Senior Projects Spring 2020

“Good Grief” is a memorial project that began with the loss of my childhood best friend, Camille Sdao (1998-2019). She was a light.

Grief is a thing that is carried, compartmentalized, expanded, forgotten, and remembered. Grief is nothing and everything at the same time. Grief explodes, lingers, leaves and returns again. Grief is blue. I know this because Louise Bourgeois, Maggie Nelson, Taryn Simon, the Pacific Ocean, my tears, the sky, my mother, and my grandmother have taught me this. Loss means wading in deep waters for a long time and you must build a boat to stay afloat.

Consumed ...

Wild Connections, Sarah Huttner 2020 Minnesota State University, Mankato

Wild Connections, Sarah Huttner

All Graduate Theses, Dissertations, and Other Capstone Projects

My work is about the variety of relationships occurring in nature, whether it is the small delicate touch of a bumblebee landing on a flower to collect pollen, or the struggle between native and invasive plants fighting for survival in the prairies. “Wild Connections” is a visual response to learning about the inner workings of various ecosystems and placing emphasis on those which I find deserving of more awareness. Using traditional and experimental printmaking methods, I capture the relaxing elegance of the habitats and simplistic beauty of their creatures to place emphasis on their importance in our environment. Occasionally subtle ...

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