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Introverse Arrangements: Rediscovering The Typewritings Of Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, Savannah M. Champion 2022 University of Massachusetts Amherst

Introverse Arrangements: Rediscovering The Typewritings Of Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, Savannah M. Champion

Masters Theses

This thesis aims to understand Wolf-Rehfeldt’s place in the unofficial art world of the GDR by examining her work in light of her status as a clerical worker with social rather than professional ties to the art world. She stands out within the East German Mail Art context, not just for her inventive use of a typewriter to create abstract figurations, but for the way she used it to interject considerations of gender and power into a network of artists overwhelmingly dominated by men with her open-ended Typewritings.”

Through historical research and close readings of her work, this study uncovers …

Creating; Kind, Jordan Boutelle 2022 University of North Florida

Creating; Kind, Jordan Boutelle

PANDION: The Osprey Journal of Research and Ideas

Artist Statement

As a printmaker, I use the versatility of the medium to create diverse representations of the environment and society each of us are placed in. These contexts are the “tool kit” we are provided to forage together our own identities and relationships. The piece Creating; Kind represents the individual in a moment of time. A set of rigid assets are used to create unique combinations of layered textures, objects, and color that are then cut down to create the element needed for the composition. The contrast between the finite nature of the matrices and substrates used and the …

Imprints: The Marks We Make, Patricia Botts 2022 Winthrop University

Imprints: The Marks We Make, Patricia Botts

Graduate Theses

When walking throughout a cemetery, you may notice the small dash on a tombstone between the year of someone’s birth and their death. Have you ever given thought as to how a tiny line can represent so much? Even a small mark, such as the dash, can represent volumes in the entirety of a person’s life and the imprint they leave on those around them. In my work, I use various types of line as symbols associated with representations of life. I am most interested in lines as visual representation of physical and psychological wounds, both newly created and those …

Graphic Scotland: Visuality And Empire, 1810 – 1913, Laura Michelle Golobish 2022 University of New Mexico

Graphic Scotland: Visuality And Empire, 1810 – 1913, Laura Michelle Golobish

Art & Art History ETDs

Graphic Scotland: Visuality and Empire, 1810–1913 interrogates the aesthetic, technological, and literary conventions used to represent Scotland’s character in nineteenth-century publications. Beginning in the late eighteenth century, publishers, authors, and readers began to correlate the material format of prints, books, illustration, and bookbinding with individual and national character. Periodicals and literature drew the correlations between the aesthetic conventions of picturesque Scottish landscape, physiognomy of Scottish authors, and bookbinding to frame ideas about Scottish character as a didactic model for middle class British and American readers. Thus, Graphic Scotland offers an intertextual reading of three illustrated publications about Scotland–J.R. Osgood’s 1882 …

La Cultura Que No Cambia, Karina Arreola-Gutierrez 2022 Washington University in St. Louis

La Cultura Que No Cambia, Karina Arreola-Gutierrez

MFA in Visual Art

In the text of La Cultura Que No Cambia, I mention how my work has been influenced by becoming more aware of generations of altar making that occur in my family. By collecting stories and photographs of altars, I can observe and create work based on how the legacies can change through generations or stay the same. The memory of my ancestors and family traditions is strengthened. Growing up seeing discrimination towards others has influenced me to highlight my Mexican heritage of traditions, culture, and language through several different methods. Using these elements, I can create work informing audiences about …

Visibility, Jamie Valdez 2022 California State University, San Bernardino

Visibility, Jamie Valdez

Electronic Theses, Projects, and Dissertations

I am a woman, activist, artist, mother, and wife. My art practice questions the role of

institutions in disseminating outdated traditions and unfair rituals in relation to women. Bringing

visibility to what is ignored, I create works that are critical to the unfair expectations that society

fosters, expectations which ultimately oppress women vis- -vis the (art) institution. Through

different conceptual strategies, my work questions what society has taught us about gender

roles and explores the pedagogies that our institutionalized education has systematically

perpetuated for women and girls from early educational experiences.

Ambiguity Of Vision: Reimagining The Hypervisible Void, Kiwha Lee Blocman 2022 CUNY Hunter College

Ambiguity Of Vision: Reimagining The Hypervisible Void, Kiwha Lee Blocman

Theses and Dissertations

Asking questions about what Painting is in the 21st century and the dominant narratives it can challenge, my paintings complicate the viewer’s reading of pictorial hierarchy and the projection of human relations in the world. I de-hierarchize and decentralize the compositional components that make up a painting by using patterns to create spatial depth, not European perspectival conventions. In dialogue with modernists such as Matisse who drew from the visual vocabulary of “The Orient”, my central forms derived from architecture and ornamental fragments possess a body-like presence. Further, I reinvent ancient Asian printmaking processes with oil paint. Observing the tenets …

Tiempo De Hibridos, PAUL ACEVEDO GOMEZ 2022 Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

Tiempo De Hibridos, Paul Acevedo Gomez

LSU Master's Theses

Tiempo De Hibridos is a body of work that celebrates the multiplicity of my shifting identity. It navigates back and forth between two different worlds, each packing different experiences that become a crossbreed or hybrid of information. Using historical references, pop culture, and personal experiences, I create a narrative story that maneuvers through familiar and foreign spaces.

The images suggest a celebration of cultural identity, vitality, but also psychological pain. I purposely combine objects that can be perceived as conflicting, altering their function to reference elements that are both playful and painful. The viewer should question the combination of objects …

Isocrates's Place In Postmodern Advertising, Christopher Barkley 2022 Duquesne University

Isocrates's Place In Postmodern Advertising, Christopher Barkley

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

This study in communication and rhetoric seeks to ascertain constructive applications for distinct advertising practices by examining Isocrates’s work and place in postmodern advertising. The focus uses 5 principles known to Isocrates which are: 1) commonwealths of households, 2) integration of reputation, elegance, substance and style, 3) education and public discourse, 4) phronesis and praxis, and 5) truth and verisimilitude. These 5 principles can form a constructive and practical advertising approach. This study is important. It examines Isocrates through the lens of advertising and extends the research done about him by leading Isocrates scholars who have looked primarily at his …

Head, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes, Pol Morton 2022 CUNY Hunter College

Head, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes, Pol Morton

Theses and Dissertations

My work explores ideas of transness, chronic illness, and injury. Through assemblage and repetition, my larger-than-life paintings address the dissociation and fragility of a body that is unmapped by society. These autobiographical works attempt to locate the self when it is trapped, whether in a bed, in the home, or within the body itself.

Genius Loci: Capturing The Distinctive Roman Spirit Through Pochoir, Carlee McGuire 2022 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Genius Loci: Capturing The Distinctive Roman Spirit Through Pochoir, Carlee Mcguire

Interior Design Undergraduate Honors Theses

This capstone explores the concept of genius loci through photographic and artistic exploration and does so through a lens of study set on Rome, Italy. The first major goal of the process has been to discover the elements, moments, physical textures, and other design elements that comprise the genius loci of a city or space. The second goal has been to partake in a process that can be used by myself and other designers in efforts to make more conscious design decisions — gaining a better understanding of ‘sense of place’ can assist designers in straying from globalized, placeless design.

Betwixt & Between., Xuanyi Wang 2022 University of Louisville

Betwixt & Between., Xuanyi Wang

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

In this thesis, I will discuss the process of learning, borrowing, and exploring the fusion between styles that emerged from the exchange of Eastern and Western civilizations. I will also use the process of transformation and merging of motifs to evoke my thoughts on the identity of immigrants. In addition, the essay will also discuss the similarities between traditional Chinese and Western designs metaphorically. This thesis will also explain why I use IUDs for pattern creation and provide views on the body ownership of women in the East and West. I will also consider the evolution and reflection of the …

Pinus Longaeva: Exploring The Intersections Of Art And Science Through Ancient Bristlecone Pine Trees, Delaney Burns 2022 University of Maine - Main

Pinus Longaeva: Exploring The Intersections Of Art And Science Through Ancient Bristlecone Pine Trees, Delaney Burns

Honors College

This creative thesis develops a series of 30” by 20” woodblock prints that explore the intersections of art and science through ancient bristlecone pine trees. These trees can live for over 5,000 years, making them extremely important to dendrochronology, the study of dating and analyzing tree rings. The growth patterns of these tree rings are used to study climate change over long periods of time. This thesis focuses on these trees due to their importance to climate change and personal significance to the author. By studying the history of ecological art movements, these prints are placed in the category of …

Home/Sick, Elizabeth P. Fontenot 2022 Stephen F Austin State University

Home/Sick, Elizabeth P. Fontenot

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

This paper is a supporting document that discusses the conceptual and technical aspects of the artworks in the accompanying exhibition, HOME/SICK. The work in the exhibition consists of selections from different series of work that are inspired by related subject matter. The content driving the work responds to anecdotal experiences of people living in communities near oil refineries and chemical processing plants and how events at these facilities affect their way of life. Many times, these are communities of color which strive to voice concerns and protect homes from harmful toxins. In one series, original and appropriated imagery serves as …

Creating A Digital Database And Manuals To Document Our Extensive Collection Of Historic Printmaking Equipment And Ephemera, Luci Wilgus 2022 Kennesaw State University

Creating A Digital Database And Manuals To Document Our Extensive Collection Of Historic Printmaking Equipment And Ephemera, Luci Wilgus

Symposium of Student Scholars

We were inspired to do this research project after realizing the importance and significance of our extensive collection of historic printmaking equipment and ephemera. As scholars we felt that it would benefit our department as well as our community to document and share information about our printmaking materials. Thus far the primary focus of our research has been researching and building a database of information that is best suited to our goal.

Our methodology included researching best practices to document this collection into a researchable database to share with the intellectual community. Once we identified software for the database, we …

The Ghosts Shed Tears, Sarah Jentsch 2022 University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The Ghosts Shed Tears, Sarah Jentsch

Theses, Dissertations, and Student Creative Activity, School of Art, Art History and Design

Before I was taught what made us different, I thought my brother and I were the same. The only difference between a doe and a buck was the antlers. As I grew, I noticed differences—in the way people spoke to us, in what was expected of us, in the questions we were asked. In what our futures were supposed to look like. The difference between the doe and the buck was still the antlers, but those antlers made one a trophy and the other venison.

Many of my formative experiences I came to understand through animals. My family home, cradled …

Quilted Archives, Rebecca M. Gallandt 2022 Macalester College

Quilted Archives, Rebecca M. Gallandt

Art and Art History Honors Projects

Memory and identity are rooted in the experience of being in material spaces and the process of remembering is often prompted by associative places. Quilted Archives is a series of four collages that combine the mediums of printmaking and oil painting in the pursuit of exploring nostalgia. In each work I use brightly colored intaglio aquatint prints, sepia intaglio etchings, patterned linocut prints, and oil paint to embed memories of childhood play and pretend in the flora of the landscapes where each memory takes place. The flora is collaged in a colorful geometric style to reference quilting and is used …

The World As We Know It: Maps And Atlases From Special Collections, Archives and Special Collections, Luke Meagher 2022 Sandor Teszler Library

The World As We Know It: Maps And Atlases From Special Collections, Archives And Special Collections, Luke Meagher

Library Exhibits

Selections of maps and atlases from Sandor Teszler Library’s Special Collections are presented in this exhibit to show how, over time, cartographers have represented the world as we know it.

Larry Martin Prints: Finding Aid, Bethany Latham 2022 Jacksonville State University

Larry Martin Prints: Finding Aid, Bethany Latham

Finding Aids

This collection contains framed prints created by local artist Larry K. Martin. Martin is a native of Alabama and holds a Ph.D. from Tulane University. He pursued a career in tropical medicine, having researched at Walter Reed National Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, and in the field in the Amazon rainforests of Colombia and Brazil. He eventually began to work in wildlife conservation, and was the curator of the Anniston Museum of Natural History. He began painting circa 1976, primarily using soft acrylics. He sells his paintings and prints of said paintings through the Wren’s Nest Gallery located at 100 …

Water Bearer, Whitney Harris 2022 CUNY Hunter College

Water Bearer, Whitney Harris

Theses and Dissertations

My work explores fantasy and mythological archetypes. The exhibition features works on paper depicting mermaids, and a fountain featuring two figures submerged in water, one spitting into the other's mouth. I use black ink and glazes to create variegated surfaces. In these works, I reimagine ideas about power and intimacy.

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