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Speckled Eggs And Wooden Ashes, Kerri Mueller 2018 University of Minnesota, Morris

Speckled Eggs And Wooden Ashes, Kerri Mueller

Scholarly Horizons: University of Minnesota, Morris Undergraduate Journal

The four ceramic bowls were wheel-thrown with a stoneware clay body and glazed with Ash Glaze (left) and Old China White (right).

On Pottery, Mark Terry 2018 George Fox University

On Pottery, Mark Terry

Faculty Publications-- Department of Art and Design

One of my life’s most poignant moments came during my first lesson at the potter’s wheel. I’ll never forget how my teacher laid his hands over mine and helped direct the pressure needed to guide the clay into center. That moment when the clay ‘found’ center was absolutely electric. It tickled my innermost being in much the same way as feeling the faint kick of our first child in my expectant wife’s womb. Life yet-to-be-born was announcing itself!

Splitting Water With Wood, Matthew Smith 2017 University of Colorado, Boulder

Splitting Water With Wood, Matthew Smith

Art Practices MFA Theses

My thesis project Splitting Water with Wood is an installation consisting of a handmade boat and projected video of a durational performance that engaged the boat in unconventional ways. Throughout the project and paper, I employ conceptions of faith as a crucial lens to begin to understand my current body of work; a handcrafted boat as an exploratory apparatus, the labor surrounding it as an act of devotion, and a resulting performance that experiments with ideas about baptism. By challenging presupposed notions of how a boat traditionally functions, I rely on the lively materiality of the object and its environment ...

Indirect Measure, Nicholas Boismenu 2017 East Tennessee State University

Indirect Measure, Nicholas Boismenu

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

This paper is in support of my thesis exhibition “Indirect Measure” May 5th – June 3rd 2017, at the Reece Museum, located on the campus of East Tennessee State University. This document is an account of my examination into what constitutes art and the change in my perception of the utilitarian ceramic vessel during my research into the perceived difference between craft and art. Using broad definitions, I define what I believe art to be and how it is different from, and the same as craft.

Deboer's "Visual Arts In The Worshiping Church" (Book Review), Darcy Gullacher 2017 Alberta Bible College

Deboer's "Visual Arts In The Worshiping Church" (Book Review), Darcy Gullacher

The Christian Librarian

No abstract provided.

Anthropo-Scenes, Ibel M. Sinohuiz 2017 California State University, San Bernardino

Anthropo-Scenes, Ibel M. Sinohuiz

Electronic Theses, Projects, and Dissertations


My work is a melding of mythology and personal experience. Growing up in the harsh desert of the Coachella Valley, I found refuge in music and art. My desire to become a drummer has leaded me to create a persona called Baby Lamb. Baby Lamb is a symbolic representation, as well as a physical manifestation of this desire and she is slowly evolving, eventually becoming my alter ego. Currently, the artwork that I create is a chapter in the life story of Baby Lamb.


Baby Lamb's art shows have included a collection of relics that have ...

Breathe, Iggy Choi 2017 Rhode Island School of Design

Breathe, Iggy Choi

Masters Theses

Everything around us is interesting, but we Keep so busy we miss out what is importance. When we first get a gadget we get excited for few months, but soon we lose interest and seeking for something new and cooler. We are constantly hurt, tired, stressed, overwhelmed, but we are not aware because we are so focused on the future. We need to reset to get back on our track. We need to stay aware and remember our first excitement in order to refresh our purpose and focus. Life would be better if we step back, breathe, and notice what ...

In The Marketplace, Anina Major 2017 Rhode Island School of Design

In The Marketplace, Anina Major

Masters Theses

The decision to voluntarily establish a home contrary to the location in which I was born and raised (The Bahamas) motivates me to investigate the relationship between self and place. To further explore my own migration and the emotional complexities that surface, with a desire to fabricate terms of cultural integrity and its defining influence. To express poetically the kindred ideals that resonate from home and intertwine those values to cultivate moments of reflection and acceptance. To promote encounters between past, present and future by weaving the memories of my own background and experiences, consequently unveiling a rich culture composed ...

Wielding Daggers : The Female Uncanny, Stephanie E. Hanes 2017 Rhode Island School of Design

Wielding Daggers : The Female Uncanny, Stephanie E. Hanes

Masters Theses

This thesis document is a compilation of personal essays that analyze aspects of visual culture and philosophy. I am greatly interested in how this analysis is related to women bodies; the nude in western art has a long history of being constructed for the male gaze. This significance of the identification of women with the body exposes women in our culture to learn their own particulars for self surveillance. By looking into the mirror, what is reflected back? With these essays, I am opening myself to the unknown and the unknowable, revealing the paradox of feminist and philosophical scholarship. When ...

Chemical Analysis Of Local Kansas Clay And Use In Ceramic Art, Herrick Smith 2017 Fort Hays State University

Chemical Analysis Of Local Kansas Clay And Use In Ceramic Art, Herrick Smith

John Heinrichs Scholarly and Creative Activities Day (SACAD)

Seeking to learn more about local materials and their potential use in ceramic art as well as investigating the possibility of replicating the effects of local clay using raw materials, a sample of locally harvested clay was sent to CoorsTek Analytical Laboratories. X-ray Diffraction (XRD) and X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) processes determined the chemical contents of the sample and the list of elements was converted into a clay body recipe via the Unity Molecular Formula to target specific desirable characteristics. Further experimentation over the course of more than a year has yielded highly promising results which prove to be both useful ...

Introduction, Scott Yarbrough 2017 Collin College

Introduction, Scott Yarbrough


No abstract provided.

Sintra Protugal, Amanullah Khan 2017 Collin College

Sintra Protugal, Amanullah Khan


No abstract provided.

It's Personal, Rebecca Hays 2017 Collin College

It's Personal, Rebecca Hays


No abstract provided.

Writer's Block, Abigail Hitt 2017 Collin College

Writer's Block, Abigail Hitt


No abstract provided.

Untitled, Alfred Long 2017 Collin College

Untitled, Alfred Long


No abstract provided.

Chalk Hands, Shelby Hotz 2017 Collin College

Chalk Hands, Shelby Hotz


No abstract provided.

At Twilight, Jiaan Powers 2017 Collin College

At Twilight, Jiaan Powers


No abstract provided.

Amaranthine, Trexiea Hernandez 2017 Collin College

Amaranthine, Trexiea Hernandez


No abstract provided.

Walk The Steps, Andrew Barba 2017 Collin College

Walk The Steps, Andrew Barba


No abstract provided.

You Will Not Define Me, Crystal Lee 2017 Collin College

You Will Not Define Me, Crystal Lee


No abstract provided.

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