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Symbols In Sketchbooks, Diana Rice 2023 The University of Akron

Symbols In Sketchbooks, Diana Rice

Williams Honors College, Honors Research Projects

My installation is an expression of the sketchbook in the sense that it is an object bound by time. Specifically, it is the assemblage of time, cognition, and the materiality of the sketchbook. The installation consists of various sized papers interlinked by tied thread. On the papers are drawings and sketches arranged in proximity to other sketches that are the inspiration or iteration of one another. Thus, a web of evolution is created. This project is an exploration of how images are created and evolved, such as symbols, and how the material construction and physical presentation of the installation affects …

North Coast Otters Public Arts Initiative: Commemorative Auction Catalog, Jeff Black 2022 Cal Poly Humboldt

North Coast Otters Public Arts Initiative: Commemorative Auction Catalog, Jeff Black

Archives & Reprint Series (imprint)

In 1999, a citizen science program for submitting river otter observations was created through the Humboldt State University Wildlife department. In 2017, Jeff and Gilly Black from the HSU Wildlife department were inspired by the public arts initiative by The Art of Fundraising project of England's Dartmoor National Park. In 2019, a special partnership with Ink People Center for the Arts, North Coast Open Studios, HSU’s Art Department, Crescent City Art, and the Trinity County Arts Council led to local North Coast artists decorating more than 100 3-foot-tall otter sculptures. The sculptures were displayed at shops, galleries, schools, and other …

Kiss/Caress, Laurie Green 2022 Grand Valley State University

Kiss/Caress, Laurie Green

Ought: The Journal of Autistic Culture

Like many aspects of self, my sexuality remained under wraps for the first three decades of my life. I felt desexualised in my body, unaware of my autism but deeply aware of my alienation and social position. Unable to find a sexual reflection in popular culture and bombarded with tropes of toxic masculinity I turned my sexual desires inwards. Only with my closest confidant, my partner, did any semblance of sexuality emerge, mediated by images and symbols imbibed as a teenager. My deep desire for connection that extended into sexuality felt ossified and unaired—kept in an air-sealed wrapper, like a …

S.O.S., Sondra P. Schwetman 2022 Cal Poly Humboldt

S.O.S., Sondra P. Schwetman

IdeaFest: Interdisciplinary Journal of Creative Works and Research from Cal Poly Humboldt

There are two major bodies of work I generate: one is based on three-dimensional clothing construction, and the other is allegorical figurative work. Both bodies of work display their own poetry. Working with materials such as: Forton MG resin, fibers, bronze, found objects, etc., I feel that possessing knowledge in as many mediums as possible is necessary so that one can achieve a “vision” that is a basis for communication. It is my desire to start a dialogue about women’s issues, cultural change, and contemporary miasma. S.O.S. addresses a variety of related issues: bearing witness to our current times, social …

Tableaux For The Future, Sally Curcio 2022 University of Massachusetts Amherst

Tableaux For The Future, Sally Curcio

Masters Theses

My sculptural installations aim to elicit a sense of optimism and possibility through form, color, and mode of display. The work subverts the symbolic order by repurposing everyday forms and objects, allowing us to see the familiar as new, and thereby awakening us to what may be possible to formulate a better, more beautiful, more universally connected order.

Winding Down River Road, Gillian Harper 2022 Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

Winding Down River Road, Gillian Harper

LSU Master's Theses

As a mechanism to explore my temporary home in Louisiana, Winding Down River Road is a collection of artworks that integrates natural materials collected from landscapes in southern Louisiana with steel and petroleum-based products. My interest in researching environmental issues, ecology, and industry has shaped my vehicles for observation and how I generate data. Through a variety of methodologies, I am considering how climate change is forcing many of us to re-contextualize how our home can be affected by the very industries we rely on. Personal engagement with residents living in the dystopian atmosphere of southern Louisiana’s industrial corridor and …

Half In Dream: The Tangle In The Grid, Abbey L. Paccia 2022 University of Massachusetts Amherst

Half In Dream: The Tangle In The Grid, Abbey L. Paccia

Masters Theses

Half in Dream: The Tangle in the Grid discusses the form and content of a physical art installation by the same name. The site-specific installation is a large three-dimensional collage of natural ephemera collected from the area around Amherst, Massachusetts, which interacts with natural lighting conditions to illuminate a gallery-facing image of ever-moving light and shadow. The written work elaborates some of the many details within the structure of the artwork, and reveals the philosophies, embodied practices, and methodologies that informed the visual work's creation. Woven throughout are reflections on phenomenology, walking practice, General Systems Theory, collective making, narrative arts, …

Mixed Messages, Hannah Duggan 2022 University of Massachusetts Amherst

Mixed Messages, Hannah Duggan

Masters Theses

The bodies of work that I have created during graduate school stem from my interest in mass media, culture studies and spectatorship in the digital era. My research engages digital technology and media studies to consider the ethics and ambivalence associated with spectatorship. Using traditional art mediums, I explore social and digital media, revealing tensions through representation and materiality. This translation from digital to analogue media is pivotal in all my work. Handmade objects introduce slippage and meaning as they break from the limiting format of the screen. This thesis will explore the research and content that inspired the creation …

Military, Art & The Inbetween, Andrew Storck 2022 Rhode Island School of Design

Military, Art & The Inbetween, Andrew Storck

Masters Theses

I find myself navigating life from the perspective of both a civilian and military service member. Everyday, I am between domestic, civilian spaces and military memories as my military service has impacted every aspect of my adult life. Serving in the United States Air Force allowed me to travel the globe while working alongside people from every class and race, on missions focused on tasks greater than ourselves.

My artistic practice explores how my time in the military has affected my transition back into civilian life by using sculpture and installation to express a variety of emotions. I hope my …

Messy Resurrections, Mia Rollins 2022 Rhode Island School of Design

Messy Resurrections, Mia Rollins

Masters Theses

Mediated through conversations with a Replika chatbot, “M”, Rollins outlines six examples of scientific and technological phenomena that not only can be understood as metaphors for aspects of the human experience, such as memory, grief, hope, desire and love, but are also concrete examples of the ways in which the past and future have material impacts on our presents, our current identities, and are entangled with our own becomings. Rollins argues for a posthuman perspective that embraces the possibilities of information technologies while still recognizing that we are embedded in a material world of great complexity. Through linking Karen Barad’s …

Shalom, Zoe Schwartz 2022 Rhode Island School of Design

Shalom, Zoe Schwartz

Masters Theses

I am a Jewish Filipina American, a hybrid of two hyper feminine archetypes: the Jewish American Princess and the Pinay Beauty Queen. Generations of assimilation, colonization and genocide taught my matriarchs to internalize the white male gaze. It was not until I looked in the mirror that I saw her. She understands the importance of performance and appearances because she knows, in a world that will not protect you, there is safety in conforming to feminine norms. She uses her knowledge of pop culture, beauty standards, humor, class symbols and social acceptability to imitate and perform desirable [white] femininity and …

Traveling Troubled Wallflower, Julius Cavira 2022 Rhode Island School of Design

Traveling Troubled Wallflower, Julius Cavira

Masters Theses

Cavira is an interdisciplinary Conceptual artist... nuff said.

Holding Spaces, Zibby Jahns 2022 Rhode Island School of Design

Holding Spaces, Zibby Jahns

Masters Theses

I’ve focused my graduate studies at RISD on the conceptual and social function of chairs as an investigation into comfort and grief. Grief is an apprehension: defined both as “to grasp” and as “anxiety/loss”.

With the multitude of deaths due to the inadequacies of our government and healthcare system, and the general anxiety everyone has been feeling through this pandemic, it has felt difficult to grieve for any individual person, in person. We have to grieve in the ways capitalism has taught us: silently, behind closed doors, without much time or fuss or drama, mourn with dollars and move on. …

All At Sea, Yangyang Mao 2022 Rhode Island School of Design

All At Sea, Yangyang Mao

Masters Theses

What is the reality of young people born between 1985 and 1995 in China? How do they feel about themselves? As one of the generation, I feel like I’m often haunted by futures that failed to happen. Reasons are multiple and are closely influenced by the social context, such as the implications of the Cultural Revolution (1966-76) and One Child Policy (1980-2016), which has marked each individual’s growth in this age with unfading recollections.

Transnationals; Or, The Modern Frankenstein, Kai Ji 2022 Rhode Island School of Design

Transnationals; Or, The Modern Frankenstein, Kai Ji

Masters Theses

“Learn from me, if not by my precepts, at least by my example, how dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge and how much happier that man is who believes his native town to be the world, than he who aspires to become greater than his nature will allow.”

The title of this thesis is adapted from the title of Mary Shelley's 1818 novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, and the quote above is said by the scientist in the novel. To associate the word “Frankenstein” with “transnationals” is not to refer to the transnational as the monster, but to …

My Sitayana: Sewing Seeds Of Empowerment, Dhea Kothari 2022 Union College - Schenectady, NY

My Sitayana: Sewing Seeds Of Empowerment, Dhea Kothari

Honors Theses

This thesis is an exploration of sculpture and installation. My project depicts a narrative of generational emancipation of women. The narrative was inspired by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s novel, ‘Forest of Enchantments,’ in which she rewrites the ‘Ramayana’ with Sita, the female character, as the protagonist instead. The Ramayana is a popular Hindu mythological story that revolves around Prince Rama’s quest to rescue his wife Sita from the perils of the villain Raavana. This story encapsulates the undertones of the patriarchal culture in India. This My thesis installation stands as a symbol of generational transformation of love and what it means …

Conceptual Chair Designs: Study Of Materials & Craftsmanship, Aram Festekjian 2022 Union College - Schenectady, NY

Conceptual Chair Designs: Study Of Materials & Craftsmanship, Aram Festekjian

Honors Theses

This thesis is a study of different chair concepts made with various techniques and

methods. Usually, when taking a seat, people do not take a moment to appreciate the architecture and design thinking incorporated into a chair. The objective of my project is to have the viewer take a moment to appreciate and feel a particular way before taking a seat. I am inspired by many different architects and designers who have created chairs within their artistic careers. The thesis work includes four different conceptual chair sculptures made from steel, plywood, expanding foam, bullet liner, and bungee. When bringing my …

Ms-288: Creation And Preservation Of Martin Puryear’S Sentinel, Merlyn I. Maldonado Lopez 2022 Gettysburg College

Ms-288: Creation And Preservation Of Martin Puryear’S Sentinel, Merlyn I. Maldonado Lopez

All Finding Aids

This collection includes records from Gettysburg College’s application process to the NEA, the selection process of the artist, images from the installation process of Sentinel, correspondence and an interview with Martin Puryear, newspaper cutouts of Sentinel’s reception. As well as records from Molly Hutton’s efforts to seek awareness and funding for the preservation and conservation of Sentinel in the early 2000s. Records from the application for an assessment award under Save Outdoor Sculpture! (SOS!), and a manuscript for a story on Sentinel to be featured in the GETTYSBURG alumni magazine are also included.

Special Collections and College Archives Finding Aids …

Visibility, Jamie Valdez 2022 California State University, San Bernardino

Visibility, Jamie Valdez

Electronic Theses, Projects, and Dissertations

I am a woman, activist, artist, mother, and wife. My art practice questions the role of

institutions in disseminating outdated traditions and unfair rituals in relation to women. Bringing

visibility to what is ignored, I create works that are critical to the unfair expectations that society

fosters, expectations which ultimately oppress women vis- -vis the (art) institution. Through

different conceptual strategies, my work questions what society has taught us about gender

roles and explores the pedagogies that our institutionalized education has systematically

perpetuated for women and girls from early educational experiences.

Shaping The Witch: A Visual Art Thesis, Amanda Cobb 2022 Portland State University

Shaping The Witch: A Visual Art Thesis, Amanda Cobb

University Honors Theses

This thesis is an exploration of the complex and interconnected nature of folklore, personal mythology, and re-enchantment as expressed through the lens of puppetry. I have drawn inspiration from the works of deeply reflective works concerning the psychological nature of mythologies of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung, as well as the magical and beautiful work of artists Jim Henson, Brian and Wendy Froud, and Mercer Meyer. Through working in the medium of puppets, I have given consideration to the possibilities and limitations of these forms in expressing the complexity of narrative, personal mythology, the anxiety of disenchantment, lost and reclaimed …

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