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Business Plan Project, Hejun Xu 2018 Sotheby's Institute of Art

Business Plan Project, Hejun Xu

MA Projects

The business plan is to build an online trade platform dedicated only to selling ceramic art and design in China, our mission is to provide high quality and modern design of ceramic art to middle - and upper - middle class of the country, and is to also reinvigorate the country’s tradition and culture of aesthetic object appreciating

On The Cover: Artist’S Statement For B-Phone, Brenda Roveda 2018 Bridgewater State University

On The Cover: Artist’S Statement For B-Phone, Brenda Roveda

The Graduate Review

No abstract provided.

From 3d To 3d, Erik O. Lozano, Lauren B. Selden, Robert Z. Selden Jr. 2018 School of Art, Stephen F. Austin State University

From 3d To 3d, Erik O. Lozano, Lauren B. Selden, Robert Z. Selden Jr.

CRHR: Archaeology

From 3D to 3D is a research project that involves traditional ceramics and technology to re-create a clay vessel at different scales and in different materials while trying to understand aesthetic and perceptions of value. With a background in Industrial Design, I have always been interested in technology and fabrication methods, three-dimensional (3D) printing being one of them. However, this often implies repetition and standardization, and as an artist I strive to create one-of-a-kind objects that include evidence associated with the making process. Part of my work is based on traditional forms that incorporate small alterations. I use one or ...

Xx Openings, Jackson Siegal 2018 Bard College

Xx Openings, Jackson Siegal

Senior Projects Spring 2018

XX Openings represents my dual sculpture and photography practice. The title comes from a 70’s domestic frame, with 20 openings of varying sizes for family pictures. Half of the slots were filled with stock pictures of smiling family scenes, while the others just had measurements for the openings themselves. The object struck me as alienating, and oppressive. I didn’t see any scene within those openings I felt connected to.

The frame came to symbolize varying perspectives, ways of seeing, and ways of being. As my sculpture practice has weighed more heavily on my work as a photographer, I ...

The Rococo Revival In Contemporary Porcelain, Ariel Senackerib 2018 Sotheby's Institute of Art

The Rococo Revival In Contemporary Porcelain, Ariel Senackerib

MA Theses

The contemporary design market has seen a resurgence of the rococo style. Porcelain has become a popular medium, and artists and designers have been revisiting the possibilities of it by returning to the motifs and symbols of the mid eighteenthcentury. While there is a wealth of existing literature on porcelain manufactories, including Meissen, Sèvres and others, the rococo style is often overlooked in literature for its cultural and theoretical value. The rococo has been given little consideration by art historians, because of its excessive luxury and cultural appropriation. However, many contemporary artists and designers have found new inspiration in the ...

Underwater Soldier, Ana J. Hosier 2018 University of Iowa

Underwater Soldier, Ana J. Hosier

Honors Theses at the University of Iowa

The goal of my honors project was to research, learn and challenge myself to hand build an approximation of an almost life size figurative sculpture of a Terracotta Soldier that would be a foundation for the regeneration of coral. Previously, my ceramic endeavors had not included pieces this large of size, nor one of a figure. I began creating abstract coral pieces because of my strong belief in advocating against the destruction of the coral ecosystem in part due to the effects of global warming. My project is an effort to illustrate this theme and also gave me an opportunity ...

What Is It Made Of?, Yuyang Guo 2018 University of Iowa

What Is It Made Of?, Yuyang Guo

Honors Theses at the University of Iowa

People often have strong opinions and preferences on colors. We associate colors with specific objects, occasions, and emotions subconsciously, but our relationships with colors are more than the preconceptions. This project is aimed at evoking viewers’ individual associations and experiences with colors by providing them with sets of uncommon yet somewhat plausible combination of colors and objects. I will be exploring new forms and building techniques while making the project. To realize this, I chose three to four items for each of the eight basic colors that I included based on a web quiz and my own interpretations. I used ...

Misfits, Hanna Newman 2018 Minnesota State University, Mankato

Misfits, Hanna Newman

All Theses, Dissertations, and Other Capstone Projects

My figurative ceramic sculptures are comprised of deconstructed, fragmented and simplified renderings of the human form. Within these sculptures I integrate materials such as human hair, fabric, wood and plaster cast body parts to mimic limbs and body mass, creating diversity in the tactile surface quality. The pastel tones, bright colors and additions of hair further obscures the realistic appearance of these beings. Clay's malleability fuels my intuitive creative process and allows me to replicate the human form in ranges from anatomical accuracy to biomorphic abstraction.

I am inspired by the relationship between interiority and exteriority, between the mind ...

Fruitcake, Joshua Schutz 2018 Minnesota State University, Mankato

Fruitcake, Joshua Schutz

All Theses, Dissertations, and Other Capstone Projects

I explore figurative ceramics in relationship to gesture and sexual identity. The surfaces reference art history, decorative arts, and popular culture. The quasi-functional components of the work are inspired by my personal relationship with domestic objects and space. But also from the results of capitalism, which has created a materialistic, consumer-based society with heteronormative ideals. I respond to this heteronormativity by utilizing humor as a strategy to discuss subversive topics while simultaneously drawing in the viewer. I intend for the viewer to reflect on the purpose and narrative behind such flamboyant objects.

Strange Rarities, Cori Crumrine 2018 University of Montana, Missoula

Strange Rarities, Cori Crumrine

Graduate Student Theses, Dissertations, & Professional Papers

‘Strange Rarities’ is a compelling and odd coupling of words, and similar to this body of work, this phrase both masks and reveals its references. ‘Strange’ defines something unfamiliar or extraordinary; ‘Rarity’ describes something that is uncommon, or the quality of being rare. Paired together, a ‘strange rarity’ refers to an object, a feeling, or a something, which discourages familiarity and excites wonder and awe.

Polyanthroponemia: A Pursuit Of Mystery, Magdolene Dykstra 2018 VCU Craft & Material Studies

Polyanthroponemia: A Pursuit Of Mystery, Magdolene Dykstra

Theses and Dissertations

I wish I could believe in something. Having grown up in a religious household, I have continually teetered between faith and doubt. Landscapes seen and unseen are my last source of awe; here my doubt is suspended – for a moment. Using unfired clay, I create alternate landscapes inspired by sublime philosophy. The sublime experience is born in a sense of amazement linked to fear of something beyond our understanding or control. The amazing intricacy of microbiology, a whole universe existing alongside and inside us, fascinates me. The abundance of unfamiliar life in my work triggers a cautious curiosity. My imagined ...

Irrational Aggregates, Courtney N. Ryan 2018 Georgia Southern University

Irrational Aggregates, Courtney N. Ryan

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

This thesis paper examines the work included in my Master of Fine Arts thesis exhibition entitled Irrational Aggregates. The goal of this work is to facilitate a dialogue between our natural environment and the excessive consumer-based environments in which we live. Combining a variety of ceramic techniques including hand building, wheel throwing, and casting these sculptures appear to be grown from, and even taken over by nature itself.

Often drawing inspiration from my personal narrative, that of consistent upheaval, relocation, and adjustment to new places, my work can appear both grounded and in a state of motion. I believe that ...

Impulsion, Nicholas Meyer 2018 University of Mississippi

Impulsion, Nicholas Meyer

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

The nut, bolt, and thread are symbols of order in my work. They represent a memory trace of my time growing up in Iowa and my connection to working on the family farm. These objects have the potential to exhibit elements of both simplicity and complexity, expressed through patterns and harmony, and the repetition of form, line, color, space, presentation, and ultimately, their relation to you the viewer. With this body of work, I intend to create metaphors relating to connections people have to one another, as individuals, society and ultimately as a reflection of self. The act of grouping ...

Deboer's "Visual Arts In The Worshiping Church" (Book Review), Darcy Gullacher 2017 Alberta Bible College

Deboer's "Visual Arts In The Worshiping Church" (Book Review), Darcy Gullacher

The Christian Librarian

No abstract provided.

Indirect Measure, Nicholas Boismenu 2017 East Tennessee State University

Indirect Measure, Nicholas Boismenu

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

This paper is in support of my thesis exhibition “Indirect Measure” May 5th – June 3rd 2017, at the Reece Museum, located on the campus of East Tennessee State University. This document is an account of my examination into what constitutes art and the change in my perception of the utilitarian ceramic vessel during my research into the perceived difference between craft and art. Using broad definitions, I define what I believe art to be and how it is different from, and the same as craft.

East, West And In-Between; Pass It On, Kam Fung, Sita WONG 2017 Lingnan University

East, West And In-Between; Pass It On, Kam Fung, Sita Wong

Artists-in-Residence Programme : Exhibition Catalogues

East, West and In-Between

If art is a reflection of the creator, then Wong’s work is a visual collage of influences from East and West. She is interested in creating works where, within one piece, both cultures converse with one another not only through their traditions of material, form and craftsmanship, but also through their original cultural contexts. Her current work elaborates the local culture and craft traditions of Chinese pottery with a modernist and contemporary sense of design.

Pass It On

Clay, a material full of possibilities, is best to describe a class of uninitiated ceramics learners in ...

Anthropo-Scenes, Ibel M. Sinohuiz 2017 California State University, San Bernardino

Anthropo-Scenes, Ibel M. Sinohuiz

Electronic Theses, Projects, and Dissertations


My work is a melding of mythology and personal experience. Growing up in the harsh desert of the Coachella Valley, I found refuge in music and art. My desire to become a drummer has leaded me to create a persona called Baby Lamb. Baby Lamb is a symbolic representation, as well as a physical manifestation of this desire and she is slowly evolving, eventually becoming my alter ego. Currently, the artwork that I create is a chapter in the life story of Baby Lamb.


Baby Lamb's art shows have included a collection of relics that have ...

Breathe, Iggy Choi 2017 Rhode Island School of Design

Breathe, Iggy Choi

Masters Theses

Everything around us is interesting, but we Keep so busy we miss out what is importance. When we first get a gadget we get excited for few months, but soon we lose interest and seeking for something new and cooler. We are constantly hurt, tired, stressed, overwhelmed, but we are not aware because we are so focused on the future. We need to reset to get back on our track. We need to stay aware and remember our first excitement in order to refresh our purpose and focus. Life would be better if we step back, breathe, and notice what ...

In The Marketplace, Anina Major 2017 Rhode Island School of Design

In The Marketplace, Anina Major

Masters Theses

The decision to voluntarily establish a home contrary to the location in which I was born and raised (The Bahamas) motivates me to investigate the relationship between self and place. To further explore my own migration and the emotional complexities that surface, with a desire to fabricate terms of cultural integrity and its defining influence. To express poetically the kindred ideals that resonate from home and intertwine those values to cultivate moments of reflection and acceptance. To promote encounters between past, present and future by weaving the memories of my own background and experiences, consequently unveiling a rich culture composed ...

Wielding Daggers : The Female Uncanny, Stephanie E. Hanes 2017 Rhode Island School of Design

Wielding Daggers : The Female Uncanny, Stephanie E. Hanes

Masters Theses

This thesis document is a compilation of personal essays that analyze aspects of visual culture and philosophy. I am greatly interested in how this analysis is related to women bodies; the nude in western art has a long history of being constructed for the male gaze. This significance of the identification of women with the body exposes women in our culture to learn their own particulars for self surveillance. By looking into the mirror, what is reflected back? With these essays, I am opening myself to the unknown and the unknowable, revealing the paradox of feminist and philosophical scholarship. When ...

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