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Futuristic Communication, Haotian Yang 2021 Rhode Island School of Design

Futuristic Communication, Haotian Yang

Masters Theses

In today's world we can no longer separate our lives from technology. It is that fluidity between the human world and the technological world that my work explores. Technological development has brought us great convenience in communication. The existence of programs like Zoom allows people to work and socialize remotely. Instagram, Twitter and other social networks allow people to share their lives anytime and anywhere with a simple snap of a picture and push of a button. The emergence of mobile phones allows people to communicate at any time. Science and technology continue to develop and these developments provide ...

The Reenactment : "Object" As Performance, Yue Jiang 2021 Rhode Island School of Design

The Reenactment : "Object" As Performance, Yue Jiang

Masters Theses

Throughout history, women have endured many obstacles placed upon them in both the private and public spheres. Women are pressured to achieve an ideal beauty standard and the expectation to fulfill the obligation of traditional domestic roles. As a 23-year old Chinese woman who daily faces these pressures, I intentionally critique them using my body as the site and the pressure as subject. Through acts of performance, using handmade and mass-produced objects consumed daily by women, I highlight the insidious pressures and expectations placed upon women’s bodies. By utilizing the format of photography to document the discomfort of “wearing ...

Security Blanket, Danni Xu 2021 Rhode Island School of Design

Security Blanket, Danni Xu

Masters Theses

I draw upon the stories of people who have experienced nostalgia to identify a sense of belonging to home. I create familiar objects specific to the stories of diasporic peoples to establish a connection between myself and the viewer or wearer, even when I am not present. As a former hotelier adept at initiating conversation, the goal of this work is to serve as a communication mediator, a way to find mutual interests among people in a proactive way.

This thesis addresses the following questions: Can jewelry build networks of connection across time and space? How does the format of ...

A Hypothetical Debate, Talya Kantro 2021 Rhode Island School of Design

A Hypothetical Debate, Talya Kantro

Masters Theses

A heated argument is taking place, and has been for thousands of years. We deliberate to voice our own opinions, to prove what others have declared, and to validate the past. Judaism – a culture bound by millenia of traditions – follows countless rigorous customs and laws. These traditions are strictly adhered to, and observant members of the faith go through great lengths to show their devotion to their beliefs. Although these laws and customs generally remain uninterrupted over the generations, they can occasionally be challenged by new ideas, new concepts, or new technology. Debates form around these novelties, and generate new ...

Hybrid Garment, Diya Wang 2021 Rhode Island School of Design

Hybrid Garment, Diya Wang

Masters Theses

What is in the overlap between jewelry and clothing? Does the combination of jewelry and apparel create a new, significant,way of seeing art?

Hybrid Garment is a series of work that explores the overlap between fashion and Jewelry. As an artist and designer, my background and training prepared me to dissect and rebuild the relationship between and potential of jewelry and garments. The potential of hybridity serves as a methodology to combine and conflate the two disciplines.The essence of this work carries the idea of inclusivity, it encourages people at all levels to wear them. In addition, anyone ...

Riveting Vietnamese And American Culture Through Jewelry Alchemy, Thoa Kim DiChiara 2021 Rhode Island College

Riveting Vietnamese And American Culture Through Jewelry Alchemy, Thoa Kim Dichiara

Master's Theses, Dissertations, Graduate Research and Major Papers Overview

My research involves a deep exploration of the visual and material language found in jewelry throughout history as it relates to deep social, cultural, and personal ideologies. I rivet my Vietnamese and American culture through jewelry alchemy while exploring my identity, sculpting and preserving the four sacred animals of Vietnam. I create boar head chains, the last animal in the Lunar Zodiac, and emerge unapologetically with crowns that proudly pronounce myself. I arrive at my altar with heirloom pendants and brooches, and lastly honor my family history with wearables that feature salt clusters and family gold. This body of work ...

A(M(End)Ing))) Expectations, Renee Holliday 2021 Winthrop University

A(M(End)Ing))) Expectations, Renee Holliday

Graduate Theses

This thesis statement explores how my intersectional identity as an artist and mother with a working-class background are intertwined, and how that upbringing has influenced each of these roles and my actions and interactions with those around me. The first part of this thesis A(m(end)ing))) Expectations serves to highlight the diverse experiences that helped form the basis of my identity while also exposing many of the unhealthy societal and familial expectations that are often placed upon women. The exhibition YES/AND is the culminating work of how these varied identities, combined with contemporary themes of feminism, affects ...

Sweet Fruit, Daa Guy-Vasson 2021 VCU

Sweet Fruit, Daa Guy-Vasson

Theses and Dissertations

The writing and images in Sweet Fruit are an exploration of my creative works. In the first section, memory, making, and poetics come together to help the reader feel the nuances of my experience. In the exhibition works section, images allow an extended look at the work. Accompanying text describes the relevance of my childhood and my parent's Caribbean upbringing to my creative practice.

Beside| |Between, Brooke J. Armstrong 2021 University of Montana, Missoula

Beside| |Between, Brooke J. Armstrong

Graduate Student Theses, Dissertations, & Professional Papers

Beauty and the grotesque both induce physical sensations in the body. Pleasure and displeasure are two points on the same line. They are not mutually exclusive. Like the body and the vessel, like the self and the other all things exist in reciprocity. The capability of holding brings agency, breaking down perceptions of of subject-object relationships. The works presented in this paper represent a merging and a transformation of perceived separate entities. Craft history and processes inform the work present in the thesis exhibition, Beside| |Between.

Perceiving Mathematics And Art, Edmund Harriss 2020 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Perceiving Mathematics And Art, Edmund Harriss

Mic Lectures

Mathematics and art provide powerful lenses to perceive and understand the world, part of an ancient tradition whether it starts in the South Pacific with tapa cloth and wave maps for navigation or in Iceland with knitting patterns and sunstones. Edmund Harriss, an artist and assistant clinical professor of mathematics in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, explores these connections in his Honors College Mic lecture.

Bluenessless, Yuxin Long 2020 Rhode Island School of Design

Bluenessless, Yuxin Long

Masters Theses

Jewelry has a long history of functioning as wearable objects with memories. A small piece of jewelry on our body can become the bridge between one person and another.

My work is a memorial for the avifauna. It serves as a place that allows me to find the balance between myself and nature. The ritualized actions from the making process help me mourn for the loss of the kingfishers, who are hunted for the bright blue feathers used in traditional jewelry. Sometimes, people put a photograph in their jewelry to keep the memory of the one they love. I use ...

Bundles And Blanks And Binds And Bends, Steven Kaplan-Pistiner 2020 Rhode Island School of Design

Bundles And Blanks And Binds And Bends, Steven Kaplan-Pistiner

Masters Theses

This thesis investigates how objects we make offer us a chance at maintaining what makes us human.

A Space For Reconciliation, Xiaoran Liu 2020 Rhode Island School of Design

A Space For Reconciliation, Xiaoran Liu

Masters Theses

The environment where I grew up retains some characteristics from The Chinese Cultural Revolution, and still influences my thinking and behavior close to the mainstream and following the rules unconsciously. Contemporary jewelry has affected me to be more critical in a positive way. I want to share this transformative experience with people who have never had contact with contemporary art, which is an alien concept for most Chinese people.

I use jewelry as the medium to express my ideas. But the typical response to my work is “I appreciate your concepts, but I can’t accept your pieces.” So, how ...

The Line, Hannah Oatman 2020 Rhode Island School of Design

The Line, Hannah Oatman

Masters Theses

The Line is a series of exaggerated contemporary jewelry “products” that engage the audience through collecting, marketing, and nostalgia. It grew from a dissatisfaction with the world of “contemporary jewelry,” or “art jewelry,” or “author jewelry,” or whatever people are calling the field now (assuming they’re calling it anything).

The Line pushes against the rarely questioned conventions of contemporary jewelry by playing along with them (sometimes even playing a little rough).

This work intentionally walks on the lines between jewelry and art, and between art and product: lines that exist whether we want them to or not, but which ...

Resilience, Resistance And Revival In 20th-Century Yoruba Art, Charles Mason, Andy Near 2020 Hope College

Resilience, Resistance And Revival In 20th-Century Yoruba Art, Charles Mason, Andy Near

Kruizenga Art Museum Exhibition Catalogs

Kruizenga Art Museum, Hope College Catalog for exhibition: “Resilience, Resistance and Revival in 20th-Century Yoruba Art”. Exhibition dates: January 17—May 16, 2020. No reproduction or use of any material, in whole or in part, without the written permission of Hope College. Charles Mason, author; Andrew Near, photographer, designer; Lisa Barney, editor; Cecilia O’Brien ‘21, typographer.

Mixed Media Stone Setting With Paint And Fabric, Hana Kai Ray 2020 University of Iowa

Mixed Media Stone Setting With Paint And Fabric, Hana Kai Ray

Honors Theses at the University of Iowa

Stone setting is a jewellry technique that emerged contemporaneously with casting and other heat-based technologies, resulting in a long held relationship to heated processes in the formation of the metal armature for the stone. As the 2020 COVID-19 shutdown caused me to set aside my previous research on enamel painting and work within the constraints of having no access to a metal shop, I decided to explore a prior interest in stone setting through non-heat based mixed media.

My aim was to find a way to house stones in a secure alternative medium without requiring a torch or the metal ...

Dredge The Foundry | For Dirt And Era, Woody Stauffer 2020 Fort Hays State University

Dredge The Foundry | For Dirt And Era, Woody Stauffer

Master's Theses

Billions of years are past us and billions of years await. Shaping earthen material into sculptural abstractions is my way to sense and convey the lethargic natural progression of the planet. Fossilization, rot, dirt, plant growth, animal existence, and rust are aesthetics I endow with new perspectives and form through mold making and casting. The dichotomy between the eons of time behind us and the endless possibility of a technological future has inspired the addition of a science fiction aesthetic. To rust these computerized constructed geometric forms demonstrates how futuristic ideals will also wither away. In many ways we are ...

Textile Society Of America Newsletter 31:2—Fall 2019, Textile Society of America 2019 University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Textile Society Of America Newsletter 31:2—Fall 2019, Textile Society Of America

Textile Society of America Newsletters

Letter from the President

TSA News:
Announcing the 2019 Fellows of the Textile Society of America
New Professionals Convening: Envisioning Textiles Futures
Observations of New Professionals Convening: Envisioning Textiles Futures
Board Workshop with artEquity
Announcing Research Travel Grant Recipients
Textiles Close Up: Textiles Old and New in Detroit’s Cultural Center
Cooper Hewitt’s Object of the Day Blog Hosts TSA Members for NYC Textile Month

In Memoriam: Marion Coleman

In Memoriam: Archie Brennan

TSA Symposium News
17th Biennial Symposium: Hidden Stories/Human Lives
16th Biennial Symposium Workshop Review: Rediscovering the Potential of WARP(S)

International Exhibitions

Featured Article
A ...

Law Library Blog (June 2019): Legal Beagle's Blog Archive, Roger Williams University School of Law 2019 Roger Williams University

Law Library Blog (June 2019): Legal Beagle's Blog Archive, Roger Williams University School Of Law

Law Library Newsletters/Blog

No abstract provided.

Trademark, Cathryn Jasterzbski 2019 Rhode Island School of Design

Trademark, Cathryn Jasterzbski

Masters Theses

We are characterized by the assets which comprise our identity. These possessions provide us with numerous tools to navigate the social constructs that make up our lives. Growing up in a working-class family forced me to develop strategies to navigate various class structures as I engaged with them. This body of work redefines the value of the working class through a confluence of materials and techniques to bridge the two worlds that construct my identity—allowing me to coexist within both, yet bound by neither.

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