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Winding Down River Road, Gillian Harper 2022 Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

Winding Down River Road, Gillian Harper

LSU Master's Theses

As a mechanism to explore my temporary home in Louisiana, Winding Down River Road is a collection of artworks that integrates natural materials collected from landscapes in southern Louisiana with steel and petroleum-based products. My interest in researching environmental issues, ecology, and industry has shaped my vehicles for observation and how I generate data. Through a variety of methodologies, I am considering how climate change is forcing many of us to re-contextualize how our home can be affected by the very industries we rely on. Personal engagement with residents living in the dystopian atmosphere of southern Louisiana’s industrial corridor and …

Zoomorphic Amalgamation: Speculative Devices For Alternative Communication, Yuta Yang 2022 Rhode Island School of Design

Zoomorphic Amalgamation: Speculative Devices For Alternative Communication, Yuta Yang

Masters Theses

Zoomorphic Amalgamation: Speculative Devices for Alternative Communication is a series of speculative works that assist introverts re-adapting in the extro-oriented society. The work serves as a lens to challenge and question the authority afforded to extroverts in contemporary society, and aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of introverted personality. As a person with an introverted personality, the thesis project draws upon personal experience and to reflect on the current bias and stereotype of characteristics that common to the introverts.

By integrating technological sensors and microcontrollers, the works are created to help the wearer express insecurity, at the same time providing …

Connecting Old Techniques With New Ideas, Brendan Ryan 2022 Stephen F Austin State University

Connecting Old Techniques With New Ideas, Brendan Ryan

Undergraduate Research Conference

Metalworking is an ancient field that provides numerous methods to create a similar outcome. This semester I’ve been studying several traditional techniques in jewelry making while attempting to incorporate my own designs. The techniques that I have been focusing on are casting and stone-setting. For casting, I have been experimenting with both lost-wax casting and sand-casting in order to create thoughtful, one-of-a-kind works. Casting is often the best method to use when creating organic designs. My designs include snakes and historic Viking imagery that is often easier to create by carving wax and manipulating sand molds.

The inclusion of precious …

Valuations Achieved At The Sale Of Royal Jewels From The Bourbon Parma Family, Reka Szterenyi 2022 Sotheby's Institute of Art

Valuations Achieved At The Sale Of Royal Jewels From The Bourbon Parma Family, Reka Szterenyi

MA Theses

The auction of the Royal Jewels from the Bourbon-Parma Family is considered iconic. It took place as an evening sale at the Mandarin Oriental in Geneva, on November 14, 2018 amid great interest from collectors and the media alike. It comprised a hundred lots from the collection of the Bourbon Parma Family, several of them with royal provenance. The most important pieces were ten objects that are believed to have belonged to Marie Antoinette’s personal jewelry collection. The white-glove sale achieved a total price of $53.1 million (CHF 53.5 million). This was a new record for a royal jewelry auction, …

Representing The Ali'i And Monarchy: Dress, Diplomacy, And Featherwork In Hawai'i, Tess Anderson 2022 Claremont Colleges

Representing The Ali'i And Monarchy: Dress, Diplomacy, And Featherwork In Hawai'i, Tess Anderson

Scripps Senior Theses

When Native Hawaiians and haole (foreigners) first met, both participants belonged to fashion systems unknown to the other, composed of different materials, styles, tastes, standards, and construction techniques. As the outside world was introduced to the cultural heritage of Hawaiian hulu manu (featherwork), kūkaulani (chiefly fashion), and European skewed conceptions of Hawaiian indigeneity; the ali‘i (chiefs) and kama‘āina (commoners) received and adapted to incoming materials, technologies, and information. When these encounters transitioned into “prolonged contact” and settlement, dress and adornment proliferated in new ways. Analyzing the case studies of historic pā‘ū, holokū, ‘ahu'ula, and military uniforms shows the significance of …

Art As Contextualization: Using Visual Communication As Christian Missions In Native American And Alaskan Cultures, Hali Gehring 2021 Liberty University

Art As Contextualization: Using Visual Communication As Christian Missions In Native American And Alaskan Cultures, Hali Gehring

Senior Honors Theses

Contextualization is an important aspect of Christian ministries and cross-cultural missions to create sustaining churches around the world. There are many forms of communication that use contextualization for religious purposes, such as theatre, story, art, and dance. These important forms of communication can be used with cultural practices to contextualize the Gospel to different people groups. For Native Americans and Alaskans, artistic works that promote cultural heritage are highly regarded. A beadwork piece that explains the Gospel could be a creative way to contextualize to Native American and Alaskans.

The Reenactment : "Object" As Performance, Yue Jiang 2021 Rhode Island School of Design

The Reenactment : "Object" As Performance, Yue Jiang

Masters Theses

Throughout history, women have endured many obstacles placed upon them in both the private and public spheres. Women are pressured to achieve an ideal beauty standard and the expectation to fulfill the obligation of traditional domestic roles. As a 23-year old Chinese woman who daily faces these pressures, I intentionally critique them using my body as the site and the pressure as subject. Through acts of performance, using handmade and mass-produced objects consumed daily by women, I highlight the insidious pressures and expectations placed upon women’s bodies. By utilizing the format of photography to document the discomfort of “wearing” or …

Futuristic Communication, Haotian Yang 2021 Rhode Island School of Design

Futuristic Communication, Haotian Yang

Masters Theses

In today's world we can no longer separate our lives from technology. It is that fluidity between the human world and the technological world that my work explores. Technological development has brought us great convenience in communication. The existence of programs like Zoom allows people to work and socialize remotely. Instagram, Twitter and other social networks allow people to share their lives anytime and anywhere with a simple snap of a picture and push of a button. The emergence of mobile phones allows people to communicate at any time. Science and technology continue to develop and these developments provide many …

A Hypothetical Debate, Talya Kantro 2021 Rhode Island School of Design

A Hypothetical Debate, Talya Kantro

Masters Theses

A heated argument is taking place, and has been for thousands of years. We deliberate to voice our own opinions, to prove what others have declared, and to validate the past. Judaism – a culture bound by millenia of traditions – follows countless rigorous customs and laws. These traditions are strictly adhered to, and observant members of the faith go through great lengths to show their devotion to their beliefs. Although these laws and customs generally remain uninterrupted over the generations, they can occasionally be challenged by new ideas, new concepts, or new technology. Debates form around these novelties, and …

Hybrid Garment, Diya Wang 2021 Rhode Island School of Design

Hybrid Garment, Diya Wang

Masters Theses

What is in the overlap between jewelry and clothing? Does the combination of jewelry and apparel create a new, significant,way of seeing art?

Hybrid Garment is a series of work that explores the overlap between fashion and Jewelry. As an artist and designer, my background and training prepared me to dissect and rebuild the relationship between and potential of jewelry and garments. The potential of hybridity serves as a methodology to combine and conflate the two disciplines.The essence of this work carries the idea of inclusivity, it encourages people at all levels to wear them. In addition, anyone wearing it …

Security Blanket, Danni Xu 2021 Rhode Island School of Design

Security Blanket, Danni Xu

Masters Theses

I draw upon the stories of people who have experienced nostalgia to identify a sense of belonging to home. I create familiar objects specific to the stories of diasporic peoples to establish a connection between myself and the viewer or wearer, even when I am not present. As a former hotelier adept at initiating conversation, the goal of this work is to serve as a communication mediator, a way to find mutual interests among people in a proactive way.

This thesis addresses the following questions: Can jewelry build networks of connection across time and space? How does the format of …

An Aesthetic Of Authenticity: The Use Of Turquoise In American (Counter)Culture, Madison Staples 2021 Bridgewater State University

An Aesthetic Of Authenticity: The Use Of Turquoise In American (Counter)Culture, Madison Staples

Honors Program Theses and Projects

Turquoise is a distinctive part of the material culture of the Indigenous tribes of the American Southwest, including the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and Pueblo peoples. The stone, particularly its color, is situated within complex systems of culture and meaning for each tribe, but the physical nature of material culture makes such pieces accessible for outsiders to borrow, buy, or steal. The aesthetic of the southwestern Indigenous tribe, traced in this paper through the use of turquoise, has been drawn upon by non-Native Westerners pursuing authenticity in their American lives. My findings suggest that true authenticity is marked by authentic engagement, …

Riveting Vietnamese And American Culture Through Jewelry Alchemy, Thoa Kim DiChiara 2021 Rhode Island College

Riveting Vietnamese And American Culture Through Jewelry Alchemy, Thoa Kim Dichiara

Master's Theses, Dissertations, Graduate Research and Major Papers Overview

My research involves a deep exploration of the visual and material language found in jewelry throughout history as it relates to deep social, cultural, and personal ideologies. I rivet my Vietnamese and American culture through jewelry alchemy while exploring my identity, sculpting and preserving the four sacred animals of Vietnam. I create boar head chains, the last animal in the Lunar Zodiac, and emerge unapologetically with crowns that proudly pronounce myself. I arrive at my altar with heirloom pendants and brooches, and lastly honor my family history with wearables that feature salt clusters and family gold. This body of work …

A(M(End)Ing))) Expectations, Renee Holliday 2021 Winthrop University

A(M(End)Ing))) Expectations, Renee Holliday

Graduate Theses

This thesis statement explores how my intersectional identity as an artist and mother with a working-class background are intertwined, and how that upbringing has influenced each of these roles and my actions and interactions with those around me. The first part of this thesis A(m(end)ing))) Expectations serves to highlight the diverse experiences that helped form the basis of my identity while also exposing many of the unhealthy societal and familial expectations that are often placed upon women. The exhibition YES/AND is the culminating work of how these varied identities, combined with contemporary themes of feminism, affects my artistic decisions and …

The Passing Show, Kathryn Fanelli 2021 University of Massachusetts Amherst

The Passing Show, Kathryn Fanelli

Masters Theses

The Passing Show, examines the interface between contemplative practices and the destabilizing effect of the carnivalesque. A repurposed early 20th century merry-go- round is reconfigured as a conceptual vehicle for renewing our attention to removing hindrances. The site-specific installation, titled Vimoksha, is viewed through the lens of the radical imaginary, investigating notions of karmic inheritance through a heuristic approach to material processes, personal history, kinetics and sound.

Sweet Fruit, Daa Guy-Vasson 2021 VCU

Sweet Fruit, Daa Guy-Vasson

Theses and Dissertations

The writing and images in Sweet Fruit are an exploration of my creative works. In the first section, memory, making, and poetics come together to help the reader feel the nuances of my experience. In the exhibition works section, images allow an extended look at the work. Accompanying text describes the relevance of my childhood and my parent's Caribbean upbringing to my creative practice.

Verify In Field, Zohar Propp-Hurwitz 2021 Bard College

Verify In Field, Zohar Propp-Hurwitz

Senior Projects Spring 2021

Senior Project submitted to The Division of Arts of Bard College.

Ballad Of A Bootlegger, Sarah K. Parker 2021 Virginia Commonwealth University

Ballad Of A Bootlegger, Sarah K. Parker

Theses and Dissertations

Roll in the soot of fires-gone! Purification through osmosis(?). They don’t pass onward so you can pass on the recognition. Learn the lesson, you bootlegger! This is necessary; you must use your hands and forge onward. Shit fire to save a match and light the birthday candles, time will pass before you’ve finished blinking so take another sip in and breathe easy child-- loss is part of life and no one can ever take that away from you (not that you’ve feared this). Slip the ring on your finger and marry to a practice of breaking perceptions of rules that …

Beside| |Between, Brooke J. Armstrong 2021 University of Montana, Missoula

Beside| |Between, Brooke J. Armstrong

Graduate Student Theses, Dissertations, & Professional Papers

Beauty and the grotesque both induce physical sensations in the body. Pleasure and displeasure are two points on the same line. They are not mutually exclusive. Like the body and the vessel, like the self and the other all things exist in reciprocity. The capability of holding brings agency, breaking down perceptions of of subject-object relationships. The works presented in this paper represent a merging and a transformation of perceived separate entities. Craft history and processes inform the work present in the thesis exhibition, Beside| |Between.

Perceiving Mathematics And Art, Edmund Harriss 2020 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Perceiving Mathematics And Art, Edmund Harriss

Mic Lectures

Mathematics and art provide powerful lenses to perceive and understand the world, part of an ancient tradition whether it starts in the South Pacific with tapa cloth and wave maps for navigation or in Iceland with knitting patterns and sunstones. Edmund Harriss, an artist and assistant clinical professor of mathematics in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, explores these connections in his Honors College Mic lecture.

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