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Rumalsa Khan, Rumalsa Khan 2022 Sheridan College

Rumalsa Khan, Rumalsa Khan

Paisley Mill

The 3D wall section’s intent is to show both the structural functionality and social functionality of Paisley Mill. My proposal of Paisley Mill is designed to be a place to welcome tourists are residents of Brockton throughout the seasons. The new addition features a café/bakery, a large multi-purpose room, and a souvenir shop. Visitors are encouraged to walk around the great site and go hiking in the forest, canoeing in the river, and enjoy their time in the outdoors. The surrounding nature is a major contribution to the atmosphere of Paisley. The silhouettes of people and the trees that surround …

Diya Panesar, Diya Panesar 2022 Sheridan College

Diya Panesar, Diya Panesar

Paisley Mill

The 3D wall section cuts through the adjacent part of the existing and new construction on the northeast side of the building. The main intent of the section is to demonstrate how the existing and the new parts of the building are integrated into each other on the basis of spatial design and wood frame construction. Also, this section puts emphasis on the differentiation of separation of the exterior and the interior of the building. It shows the balcony areas where the tourists and the locals can enjoy the view of the Teeswater river and the natural scenery around while …

Maiya Samuel, Maiya Samuel 2022 Sheridan College

Maiya Samuel, Maiya Samuel

Paisley Mill

Focusing on harmony between architecture and nature, we strive to put sustainability in the forefront with this design of the Paisley Butterfly Conservatory. In this wall section we highlight the green roof, the green wall, and rainwater recycling. Keeping the original Paisley Mill’s timber construction and wood siding we hope to reduce the amount of waste needed in construction. Through use of a green roof, we will allow the rainwater we harvest to irrigate the green wall. Designed using new, emerging green wall technology a large portion of the walls in the butterfly conservatory will be layered with substrate, growing …

Stephen Caputo, Stephen Caputo 2022 Sheridan College

Stephen Caputo, Stephen Caputo

Paisley Mill

The idea behind the renovation of the historic Paisley Mill was to reflect the community around it. The Foundry was designed with open space that gives the opportunity to the community to showcase an experience of what Paisley has to offer. Walking through The Foundry should feel as you are walking into a local market. It was important to the design to reuse as much of existing structure. Heavy timber construction has been continued throughout the building and features as the main aesthetic which everything else is designed around. The original cladding has been restored and all additions added are …

Laura Mcdougall, Laura McDougall 2022 Sheridan College

Laura Mcdougall, Laura Mcdougall

Paisley Mill

No abstract provided.

Lauren Teal Manners, Manners Teal Lauren 2022 Sheridan College

Lauren Teal Manners, Manners Teal Lauren

Paisley Mill

The Paisley Mills Education Centre is intended to achieve the goals and values for the future of this property. The vacant grain silo will be repurposed into an educational destination for locals and visitors. The building will be used to highlight the heritage of Paisley, the grain mill, as well as local biodiversity with the addition of a butterfly conservatory. The adaptation features a dining hall with an extension to the main floor, a classroom on the second floor, escape rooms on the third and fourth floor. The 3D wall section provides the construction style and integration of the new …

Amiela Nicole Dacumos, Amiela Nicole Dacumos 2022 Sheridan College

Amiela Nicole Dacumos, Amiela Nicole Dacumos

Paisley Mill

No abstract provided.

Shahed Alkhen, Shahed Alkhen 2022 Sheridan College

Shahed Alkhen, Shahed Alkhen

Paisley Mill

No abstract provided.

Danieal Di Stefano, Daniel Di Stefano 2022 Sheridan College

Danieal Di Stefano, Daniel Di Stefano

Paisley Mill

No abstract provided.

Connor Preston, Connor Preston 2022 Sheridan College

Connor Preston, Connor Preston

Paisley Mill

No abstract provided.

John Robbie Reyes, John Robbie Reyes 2022 Sheridan College

John Robbie Reyes, John Robbie Reyes

Paisley Mill

The main concept for this Paisle Cafe/Gallery is to have a sustainable design and efficiency. This wall section showcase the building wall and roof assemblies and the use of natural resources such as wood in exterior and interior, green roofs, and proper use of natural light through spaces. This highlights the exterior wall details and how it focuses in efficiency and sustainability. Resource efficiency is essential for sustained economic growth and wood is one of the best natural resources out there. This wall section also highlights the green roof that will help to provide shade, remove the heat from air, …

Transdisciplinarity In Experience Design: A Global Survey Of Higher Ed Programs In Exd/Xd, Yvonne Houy 2022 University of Nevada, Las vegas

Transdisciplinarity In Experience Design: A Global Survey Of Higher Ed Programs In Exd/Xd, Yvonne Houy

Creative Collaborations

In our age of ubiquitous devices and digital media it is the perceived value of the end-to-end experience that brings people to a place. Designing inspiring and emotionally engaging end-to-end experiences requires experts in a wide range of disciplines committed to an interdisciplinary collaboration that can arrive at transdisciplinary design - the sum becomes greater than its parts.

Civil engineering, hospitality, business, psychology, digital User Experience (UX) design, and experience data analysis need to be seamless integrated with the fine and performing arts and design fields:

  • Architecture, interior, landscape and sound design actively engage the senses.

  • Graphic and fine arts …

Will Nguyen, Will Nguyen 2022 Sheridan College

Will Nguyen, Will Nguyen

Paisley Mill

The Regal Archive project aims to construct a building that is sustainable, functionable and at the same time, has its own personality. The inspiration has been drawn directly from the image of leaves, or tree branches, stacking on top of each other. There will be a lot of open spaces, floor openings, lots of windows that make use of natural sunlight. Being able to see floor stacked on floor, all the way from top to bottom provides a great sense of verticality to the guests, and add more depth to the building’s context, as if one is to stand on …

Bahar Alibeik, Bahar Alibeik 2022 Sheridan College

Bahar Alibeik, Bahar Alibeik

Paisley Mill

The presented design responds to client wish to retain the historic part which the modern cicular addition attached to the existing part. The design goal was to create the local store, museum of historic part, restaurant, library, art Gallery, Studio work spaces. Design Intent Statement The existing part of building is heavy Timber wood structure supporting a four storey building. The Timber columns & beams kept in place as a historical part for existing part. For the add on circular part of building are using steel joists for floors. For new building used steelconcrete Column.

Bijan Tjahja, Bijan Tjahja 2022 Sheridan College

Bijan Tjahja, Bijan Tjahja

Paisley Mill

Welcome to Paisley Mill! A newly renovated stone mill which features a coffee shop with a bakery, a lounge space, and a hobby shop. I’ve decided to display my section at this location because it shows how the proposed bakery connects to the existing silo structure. The bakery proposal is the main highlight of my design. I specifically wanted to show the viewing window from the coffee shop into the bakery because this is the main feature that connects the two programs together. I am emphasizing the idea of connection with how the baked goods are made and being freshly …

Maha Qureshi, Maha Qureshi 2022 Sheridan College

Maha Qureshi, Maha Qureshi

Paisley Mill

The old silo building is a heavy timber construction. The 3D wall section shows the design of the wall I have chosen to be used in the office, art gallery and pottery studio. The exterior wall material selected is wood planks as wanted to maintain the heritage look and pay respect to the old look of the building. Another reason to choose wood is that it is durable, sustainable, and efficient. Exterior sheathing is used instead of plywood to make the non-combustible building construction. Semi-rigid (mineral fibre wool) insulation is used above grade and is tripled. The roof material is …

Rama Sharaf, Rama Sharaf 2022 Sheridan College

Rama Sharaf, Rama Sharaf

Paisley Mill

The focus of the adaptive reuse renovation project of Paisley mill silo building is to create a place where people can meet, eat, enjoy, work, learn, and gather. The building proposed consists of coffee shop and bakery in the ground floor, library and bookstore on the second floor, paint workshop and art show room in the third floor, and in the fourth floor will be gym and fitness room with access to the residential building. The original building structure was heavy timber wood structure. Because of the primary purpose of keeping the old and heritage structure, The timber columns and …

Mary Abuelfarag, Mary Abuelfarag 2022 Sheridan College

Mary Abuelfarag, Mary Abuelfarag

Paisley Mill

The design intent behind this 3D section is to demonstrate all the many cladding assemblies and how they connect to one another. The section cuts through the main entrance and following up to the floors above it.This building was originally built with old timber structure, with the adaptive reuse the structure was replaced with steel to help create a more modern look. Modernizing the building will aid in improving the goal usage of the space, health, and wellness center. The clean look of the interior spaces helps to relax the mind, to really feel like you are able to utilize …

Griffin Smith, Griffin Smith 2022 Sheridan College

Griffin Smith, Griffin Smith

Paisley Mill

No abstract provided.

Nadeemkhan Pathan, Nadeemkhan Pathan 2022 Sheridan College

Nadeemkhan Pathan, Nadeemkhan Pathan

Paisley Mill

The Old mill is located in the paisley village. After studying the existing condition,client's requirements and considering adaptive reuse of the existing building, it is proposed to convert the old mill into a hotel with a restaurant on the ground floor. Second-floor space will be used for amenities such as gym, game room and yoga room. Third floor is designed to have Hotel suits. For this Project, the Biophilic design concept has been implemented through a green roof, green wall and strategic window placements which allow access to natural sunlight and help achieve the Biophilic design. The green roof has …

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