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Fog Emotion, Amanda Dailey Dec 2013

Fog Emotion, Amanda Dailey

Art Journal

My bodies of work are mental stepping-stones towards an intrapersonal discovery. I am in pursuit of understanding the seemingly endless psychological chaos unraveling inside my mind. These images are highly personal conceptual representations that aim to demonstrate the strains of separation anxiety, and the physical and psychological changes of pregnancy. They are abstract enough to encourage individual interpretation, while still allowing the viewer access to the window of my mind and body. By choosing and combining images that are individually strong, I am able to create pieces that are emotionally complex and powerful.

Systems, Caroline Morgan Dec 2013

Systems, Caroline Morgan

Art Journal

Every place around the world that is visible to us fits within a system. In my work I use elements of landscape and architecture as starting points in the project of mapping space. I see all the components of the external world installed together like a three-dimensional puzzle. In analyzing the world, I am trying to simplify it into its essential parts and then re-complicate it through formal and material choices in my work. I take inputs from the natural world and transform them into a new fragmented surface of abstract shapes, textures, and mysterious breaks in perspectives.

I intend ...

One Face, Blair Rohan Dec 2013

One Face, Blair Rohan

Art Journal

Faces are the most recognizable part of the human body. With the exception of identical twins, no two people have the same face. But while we all have unique features, there are universally common characteristics of the human face. After all, everyone has a nose, mouth, and eyes. In my work, I want to emphasize that when completely different faces are superimposed, they can form one coherent face. By using short brushstrokes and different colors for each portrait, I am able to make all the features on the face of four different portraits become one facial appearance. The four different ...

Avalanche Vocals, Megan Costello Dec 2013

Avalanche Vocals, Megan Costello

Art Journal

Throughout my studies of photojournalism, I have developed a strong interest in documentary photography. Avalanche Vocals contains street photographs of people I happened upon by chance. These images were created while I was living in Italy and France this past fall. As a foreigner to the lands, I wanted to understand the identity of the native people. I found that much like the United States, France and Italy have a collage of identities and cultures. As a result, I decided to use street photography as a method of understanding the concept of individual identity. I found that the identity of ...

Art Journal 2012 - Interface Dec 2013

Art Journal 2012 - Interface

Art Journal

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