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Camera Roll, Ashley Coutu Jun 2015

Camera Roll, Ashley Coutu

Art Journal

As an artist I work freely amongst all mediums, though my main medium is photography. This body of work is a photographic self-portrait over time focusing on the last four years of my life. I have documented my everyday activities by saving every image I have ever taken on my phone and camera.

Within the body of photographs I am including screen-captures of conversations I have saved that once shared a very personal meaning to me. Arranged in chronological order, my documentation provides a visual picture of my memories and emotions with friends, significant others, family, and my own personal ...

Journey, Jessica Ho Jul 2014

Journey, Jessica Ho

Art Journal

Through my work, I would like to show that even though we are our own individuals, we are also all part of a global culture. As a Chinese American, I am part of a community in which Kung Fu is prevalent and I have spent a great deal of time studying it, along with many of my family members and friends. I believe that Kung Fu is a unique way to bridge cultural gaps; it aids in a mutual understanding in a way that language often fails to do. It is an art that is able to cross existing cultural ...

Plainville, Kara Flanagan Jul 2014

Plainville, Kara Flanagan

Art Journal

In my work I explore a dimension of my childhood that is usually not spoken of. I photograph sites that I inhabited as a child, many of which are abandoned today. These places refer to the psychological experience of being left behind by a parent and they bring back specific memories of events that occurred there. Additionally, the act of rexposure to the sites is a way of trauma intervention that is the core to this work.

When I revisit the sea-saw I used to ride, the elementary school I attended, or the church I got baptized at, I have ...

60, Casey Cullen Jan 2014

60, Casey Cullen

Art Journal

Through my body of work, 60, I aim to convey my confusion of learning a new style of photography along with the uncertainty of identity. The confusion of what is going on in the photograph coincides with the unfamiliarity of the camera and the more general disorientation of everyday life. My photographs question different methods of photography through the use of an old process while also questioning the term “portrait.” Working with a camera that has been surpassed and forgotten about has allowed me to keep the process alive. A large format camera enables me to have more freedom in ...

Solitaire, Dominic Channon Jan 2014

Solitaire, Dominic Channon

Art Journal

Commencing with the characteristics of my self as an only child, a distance runner, and an heir to my father's nomadic behavior, I have become interested in developing a further concept of self based on our capability to form our knowledge and interpretation of the world to our being. The experimentation with time and perception through the use of the camera has become my obsession. I want to create balance and repose through my work, challenging the perception of what it is that we know. My challenge is to create work that maintains these consistencies yet renders subject matter ...

Pennsylvania Noir, Bridget Reed Dec 2013

Pennsylvania Noir, Bridget Reed

Art Journal

Distant vestiges of memory incite my art making. By examining my biographical past through various scopes, I can extract key memory perceptions for further investigation.

In my work, I physically construct models of memories to correlate to the mental process of memory reconstruction. The very nature of memory is devoid of a logical progression or stability. Imagery loses clarity, moving in and out of our consciousness. The memories often become muddled creating passages that can be fleshed out by intuitive impulses. Therefore, the structure is built to contain the fleeting memories so I can extract meaning from them. Individually crafting ...

Eye Witness, Elise Costello Dec 2013

Eye Witness, Elise Costello

Art Journal

Ballet is my passion. Through the movements of dance, my body and mind can become one. In this state, the actions are performed with muscle memory; there is almost a mindlessness that all athletes have to maintain in order to be able to lose themselves to movement.

My project allows me to fully understand what goes on in this semi-mindless state, and allows me to analyze it intellectually outside the arena of performance. I use a high-speed camera to capture and isolate the steps involved in each movement. I can use the images to study the particular muscles and motions ...

Fog Emotion, Amanda Dailey Dec 2013

Fog Emotion, Amanda Dailey

Art Journal

My bodies of work are mental stepping-stones towards an intrapersonal discovery. I am in pursuit of understanding the seemingly endless psychological chaos unraveling inside my mind. These images are highly personal conceptual representations that aim to demonstrate the strains of separation anxiety, and the physical and psychological changes of pregnancy. They are abstract enough to encourage individual interpretation, while still allowing the viewer access to the window of my mind and body. By choosing and combining images that are individually strong, I am able to create pieces that are emotionally complex and powerful.

Avalanche Vocals, Megan Costello Dec 2013

Avalanche Vocals, Megan Costello

Art Journal

Throughout my studies of photojournalism, I have developed a strong interest in documentary photography. Avalanche Vocals contains street photographs of people I happened upon by chance. These images were created while I was living in Italy and France this past fall. As a foreigner to the lands, I wanted to understand the identity of the native people. I found that much like the United States, France and Italy have a collage of identities and cultures. As a result, I decided to use street photography as a method of understanding the concept of individual identity. I found that the identity of ...