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Micro-Optic-Spectral-Spatial-Elements (Mosse), Alok Ajay Mehta Jan 2007

Micro-Optic-Spectral-Spatial-Elements (Mosse), Alok Ajay Mehta

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Over a wide range of applications, optical systems have utilized conventional optics in order to provide the ability to engineer the properties of incident infra-red fields in terms of the transmitted field spectral, spatial, amplitude, phase, and polarization characteristics. These micro/nano-optical elements that provide specific optical functionality can be categorized into subcategories of refractive, diffractive, multi-layer thin film dichroics, 3-D photonic crystals, and polarization gratings. The feasibility of fabrication, functionality, and level of integration which these elements can be used in an optical system differentiate which elements are more compatible with certain systems than others. With enabling technologies emerging ...