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Legume Logic

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Legume Logic Number 124 Dec 2000

Legume Logic Number 124

Legume Logic


EU gives lupins green light

Lupin prices move again

Forum examines future of lupin industry

Anthracnose still a threat

Pulse points

Which pea variety?

Legume Logic in 2001 - a new era

Legume Logic Number 123 Nov 2000

Legume Logic Number 123

Legume Logic


Lupins on the menu in Europe

Lupin trials develop market opportunities

Farming Future

Pulse points

Viral diseases affect seed quality of pulses

From the lupin desk

Legume Logic Number 122 Oct 2000

Legume Logic Number 122

Legume Logic


Dry weather curbs anthracnose spread

Crawford Fund aids chickpea research

Ryegrass Control: by Peter neman, AGWEST Geraldton

Pulse points

Pool presence in Esperance

Lupin prices leap!

Legume Logic Number 121 Sep 2000

Legume Logic Number 121

Legume Logic


Is Green/Brown manuring the answer?

Field peas on the increase

Lupin record!

The future of chickpeas at risk

Pulse points

Lupins storm in!

From the pools

Legume Logic Number 120 Aug 2000

Legume Logic Number 120

Legume Logic


Lupin/Legume Logic turns Ten

Beethoven not good enough!

Southern Pulse group

Belara and Aphids

Pulse points

Lupin pools

Legume Logic Number 119 Jul 2000

Legume Logic Number 119

Legume Logic


Pulse production in Canada

Field pea sowings increase

Belara feedback

Coated seeds

UK lupins

Lupins in Egypt

Cucumber mosaic virus in lupins

Legume Logic Number 118 Jun 2000

Legume Logic Number 118

Legume Logic


Visual value of pulses

Why not Tanjil?

Regional service grows

Food for thought...

Belara and aphids

...And thoughts to consider

Legume Logic Number 117 May 2000

Legume Logic Number 117

Legume Logic


Growing superseded varieties?

Ascochyta Blight and chickpeas

ABARE survey

Pulse points

Wodjil lupins

Seasonal reminders

Legume Logic Number 116 Apr 2000

Legume Logic Number 116

Legume Logic


GMO's and the Horseless carriage

Sustainability under test

Lupin prices improve

New pulse group

Legume Logic Number 115 Mar 2000

Legume Logic Number 115

Legume Logic


Lupin values

Price versus rotation

Lupins prices v's CBT soymeal futures

Lupin Anthracnose analysis

Brown leaf spot

Pulse points

2000/01 price outlook ($/per tonne)

Legume Logic Number 114 Jan 2000

Legume Logic Number 114

Legume Logic


Lupin receival record smashed

Yield monitoring

The Grain Pool of WA - Grower Outlook meetings 2000

Lupin recommendations for 2000

Pulse points

CBH lupin receivals over the past four years

Legume Logic Number 112 Dec 1999

Legume Logic Number 112

Legume Logic


Pea seed quality for 2000

Chickpea quality

Seed decision for making for fungal diseases - Dr Mark Sweetingham

Pulse points

Legume Logic Number 111 Nov 1999

Legume Logic Number 111

Legume Logic


Good seed quality essential in 2000

Pulse points

Seed and end-point royalties

CEO changeover

Ascochyta lessons to learn

Herbicide resistance - what's in store?

Legume Logic Number 110 Oct 1999

Legume Logic Number 110

Legume Logic


Global breeders record benefits of Narrow-leafed lupine

Pulse points

Anthracnose update

Tariff breakthrough

1999/00 Yiels expectations

Asia tour 200

Indicators improve

Winter pulse plantings for 1999 ('000 hectares)

Legume Logic Number 109 Sep 1999

Legume Logic Number 109

Legume Logic


Herbicide resistant crops: What's the story?

Aphids - The spary debate

Swathing lupins

Ascochyta prevention

Budworm control

Pulse points 1998/99

Lupin pool payments

Legume Logic Number 108 Aug 1999

Legume Logic Number 108

Legume Logic


Lupin production in Russia

Ascochyta blight hits WA chickpeas

Agronomist opportunity

Vetch use and marketing

Great Southern pulse update

Pulse points

1998/99 Lupin pool payments

1999/2000 Lupin pool indicator price $145-150

Legume Logic Number 107 Aug 1999

Legume Logic Number 107

Legume Logic


Klink, the European lupin link

- Conference highlights

Lentil news

UK reports break crop success

Korean nutritionists swapping ingredients in WA

Pulse points

Legume Logic Number 106 Jun 1999

Legume Logic Number 106

Legume Logic


Guess who's coming to dinner?

Post-emergence weed control

Pulse growers urged to nip fungi in the bud

Management treatments to control fungi in various crops

Pulse points

Legume Logic Number 105 Jun 1999

Legume Logic Number 105

Legume Logic


Brown spot in lupins - still a major threat

Old proverb rings true

Seeding warning

Population explosion or implosion? you decide

Triazine herbicides - should you use the?

Pulse points

Where to from here?

Legume Logic Number 104 Apr 1999

Legume Logic Number 104

Legume Logic


Global factors influence 199 protein prices

Lupin teaser

Dry seeding lupins

Teaser answers

Anthracnose Update

Pulse points

Weed watch

Growers' response

Legume Logic Number 103 Apr 1999

Legume Logic Number 103

Legume Logic


Orobanche - the destructive paprasie

Total CB pulse receivals for th 1998/99 season

Pulse points

March checklist

The population bomb- threat or opportunity? - Graeme Martin, Associate Professor of Animal Science, University of Western Australia.

- The threat

- The opportunity


Legume Logic Number 102 Feb 1999

Legume Logic Number 102

Legume Logic


Good luck - means less management

Summer weeds

Lime requirements for cropping rotations

1999 Grower Outlook meetings

Lupin flour

Legume Logic Number 100 Dec 1998

Legume Logic Number 100

Legume Logic


Press the seed, not the soil

Third European legume conference - Spain

Pulse points

Wodjil lupins

Seed quality tests

Seasons greetings & 100 issues for Legume Logic

Legume Logic Number 99 Nov 1998

Legume Logic Number 99

Legume Logic


Frost observations

- Peas

- Faba beans

- Chickpeas

Pulse points

Peas- a forgotten crop

Seed testing 1999

Legume Logic Number 98 Oct 1998

Legume Logic Number 98

Legume Logic


Atrazine resistance

Budworm control

Non podding lupins

Lupin variety recommendations 1999

Caution with gypsum

Legume Logic Number 97 Sep 1998

Legume Logic Number 97

Legume Logic


Salinity and Western Australian agriculture

Fragile pulses?

Swathing lupins

Pulse points

Anthracnose and narrowleafed lupins

Crop-topping lupins

Legume Logic Number 96 Aug 1998

Legume Logic Number 96

Legume Logic


Agronomy - growing for a greener future

Pulse points

Aphid damage to lupins - Francoise berlandier, AgWA

Winter pulse plantings for 1998 ('000 hectares)

Albus and anthracnose fungus - Bill O'Neill AgWa, Geraldton

Legume Logic Number 94 Jun 1998

Legume Logic Number 94

Legume Logic



Lupin price outlook

Seasonal conditions

Legume Logic Number 95 Jun 1998

Legume Logic Number 95

Legume Logic


Seasonal situation

Safe cropping

Pulse points

Herbicide damage

AgraCorp Pulse Indicator Prices as 23 June

Controlling grass weeds in pulse crops

Post-emergent broadleafed weed control

Legume Logic Number 93 May 1998

Legume Logic Number 93

Legume Logic


Faba beans

Spraying and Anthracnose

Lime and lupins


Wodjil bulkup