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A(M(End)Ing))) Expectations, Renee Holliday May 2021

A(M(End)Ing))) Expectations, Renee Holliday

Graduate Theses

This thesis statement explores how my intersectional identity as an artist and mother with a working-class background are intertwined, and how that upbringing has influenced each of these roles and my actions and interactions with those around me. The first part of this thesis A(m(end)ing))) Expectations serves to highlight the diverse experiences that helped form the basis of my identity while also exposing many of the unhealthy societal and familial expectations that are often placed upon women. The exhibition YES/AND is the culminating work of how these varied identities, combined with contemporary themes of feminism, affects ...

Negotiating Balance, Oscar Adolfo Soto May 2021

Negotiating Balance, Oscar Adolfo Soto

Graduate Theses

When we enter a room with a bed and dresser, we imagine that someone goes there to sleep. When we enter a larger room, with rows of uniform desks facing a whiteboard or lectern, we understand that people go there to learn. In most cases, the intention for the space and how we are to conduct ourselves in it is determined before the furniture is selected. When we are not privy to those intentions, the furniture itself can offer clues that help us understand what we are to do. As a contemplative device, I apply this framework to the world ...

Nurture, Lauren Taylor League Dec 2020

Nurture, Lauren Taylor League

Graduate Theses

Nurture is a series of sculptural and performative works created to explore the emotional and psychological effects of objects as they relate to familial memory and the various processes one uses to nurture and express love. These moments incapsulate the need for comfort and connection, the need to be nourished, the need for protection, and the need to remember. The filmed interactions with each individual sculpture evoke the natural relationship of emotional release to the processes of remembering and healing.

By using sculpture as a residue of performance and creating work that serves as a memory of interaction and experience ...

Dust And Shadow, Anna Grant Dean Dec 2020

Dust And Shadow, Anna Grant Dean

Graduate Theses

Dust and Shadow is an investigation into systems of order and chaos that exist within the natural and manmade worlds. Human constructs (such as grids) and manmade systems (such as social media) abide in a space that is tangential to the structures and systems that choreograph the functions of the natural world. Exploring how these two very different worlds weave in and out of human existence allows me to examine my relationship to the complex facets of this twenty-first century experience.

My research into chaos and entropy serves as a catalyst for this body of work. Examining the parallels between ...

Fractured: A Self-Portrait, Rebecca Lipps May 2019

Fractured: A Self-Portrait, Rebecca Lipps

Graduate Theses

This statement is on my thesis exhibition Fractured: A Self-Portrait delves into its motivations, influences, content, and form. The video installations are self-portraits that investigate my experiences with anxiety, exhibit the progression of my emotional and physical state during an anxiety attack, and explore emotional triggers. Divided into chapters, this thesis statement includes a discussion of these aspects as well as of processes, mediums, and the final layout in the Gallery.

The Ethics Of Sheep, Chris Smith Evans May 2019

The Ethics Of Sheep, Chris Smith Evans

Graduate Theses

An interactive visual art installation in which participants use 18 original pictographs created through the artist’s polling initiative to anonymously oust sexual predators and human traffickers. Interactive components include wool sculptures of victims, witnesses, predators and six canaries. Viewers interact by placing code symbols on linking paths between predators and portraits of those who ousted them.

Things That Don't Work: An Exploration In Sculpture And Installation, Mark Tyler Frasier May 2018

Things That Don't Work: An Exploration In Sculpture And Installation, Mark Tyler Frasier

Graduate Theses

This thesis statement will explore connections between my work and contemporary artists and its references to art movements including Minimalism, Dada and Surrealism, and Installation art. My thesis work explores the metaphors of current social and political constructs that seem to operate properly, but in reality, do not. My intention is to juxtapose constructed and found fragments of mixed media in such a way as to subvert their traditional associations in order to encourage viewers to question reality. My relationship to the materials and interest in the process are as important to me as the final product. No single piece ...

Betwixt And Between: An Exploration Of Dream Imagery As A Means To Self-Discovery, Anastasia Netrebine May 2018

Betwixt And Between: An Exploration Of Dream Imagery As A Means To Self-Discovery, Anastasia Netrebine

Graduate Theses

This body of work is an investigation of the memories and experiences of displacement. As a foreigner, I often find myself in a strange space between the familiar and the unfamiliar. I use various three-dimensional media to explore and depict these experiences, as well as dreams and memories related to Jungian archetypes, especially as they relate to my personal history. I overlap these dreams and memories, varying the media and shifting scale, so that the line between reality and dreams gets blurred and one becomes both a viewer and a part of the installation simultaneously. Through my manipulation of different ...

Blueprints, Robert Blalock May 2017

Blueprints, Robert Blalock

Graduate Theses

This thesis statement is a written defense and an articulation of my thesis work Blueprints. Blueprints is a series of 78” X 42” indigo pencil on white paper drawings of clothed contemporary women in interaction with geometric objects. In this thesis statement, the method used to arrive at this body of work, my processes and materials, my artistic influences and artistic background will be discussed. My conclusion will connect the thread of ideas that ultimately led to Blueprints.

Weaving In The Third-Dimension, Jill Gottschalk May 2017

Weaving In The Third-Dimension, Jill Gottschalk

Graduate Theses

This thesis statement, along with my final exhibition of sculpture, is the culmination of my graduate studies at Winthrop University. My reflections upon my sculpture, as well as connections to other artists within the art-historical canon, have provided me with a foundation which will remain fast in the years ahead. Throughout my studies, my work has evolved and changed, yet commonalities remain. It is these commonalities, aspects of my own style that remain constant, that are explored: ambiguity, transparency, use of textile materials and repetitive units. My recent body of work, and the subject of my thesis Weaving in the ...

Purge, Amanda Foshag May 2017

Purge, Amanda Foshag

Graduate Theses

This thesis statement describes the eight hanging veil-like structures and sculptures that constitute my thesis exhibition work; it further comments on the movements, philosophy, and personal sensibility that most influenced the art making: Process Art, Taoism, and my own empathetic experiences. The movement of Process Art is discussed in reference to materiality and the physicality that goes into making these pieces. The influence of the Taoist philosophy is discussed in light of the unity and balance found in the combination of dualistic materials, and their relationship to one another, in these sculptural forms. Lastly, this statement expresses how the emotional ...

What You See Is What You Get, Kevin Kempisty May 2017

What You See Is What You Get, Kevin Kempisty

Graduate Theses

This thesis statement describes and comments on the four videos that compose my thesis exhibition, "What you See is What You Get." Together, they constitute a self-portrait. Videos require multiple mediums and software, each with their own purpose and aesthetic. The three key ingredients these four videos make use of are recorded performances, 2D animation and narrative. This statement will detail the visuals and purpose of each one, the technology and editing process, and the inspirations that have led to the thesis exhibition. The statement describes the choice of color, movement and rhythm to carry the narrative, which is not ...

Nips Of Clairvoyance, Samantha Valdez May 2017

Nips Of Clairvoyance, Samantha Valdez

Graduate Theses

My thesis statement describes the fundamental elements of inspiration, along with the artistic references for my thesis body of work. It revisits memories, and explores the symbolic significance of bodily action, form, material and composition, as a means to expose the relationship between object and memory. The thesis exhibition, Nips of Clairvoyance, consists of an installation of a triptych of videos of performances that depict the complexity and pain of an abusive relationship. Adjacent to the videos are three sculptures that consist, of glass cylinders filled with personal objects embedded inside and placed on top of slabs of soap. While ...

Fragmentation Of Thought, Thomas Seay May 2016

Fragmentation Of Thought, Thomas Seay

Graduate Theses

This thesis statement expounds on my thesis exhibition, a series of four sculptures that explore the contemporary expanding field of sculpture through the fusion of non-traditional or unmonumental materials with portrait painting and collage techniques. The works are built on questions of form, and references historical art movements: Renaissance and Baroque, Cubism, and Post- Modernism. The first is present in the classical portraiture I include in the pieces; the second, in the fragmented style; the third, in the multiple narrative voices of viewers, in the use of non-traditional or unmonumental materials, and in the unexpected groupings of objects, both made ...

Stories Of Otherness, Lee Ann Harrison May 2016

Stories Of Otherness, Lee Ann Harrison

Graduate Theses

The thesis exhibition Stories of Otherness is an interactive installation created using dance, music, photography, video, ceramic figurative sculptures, and armatures of found objects to create a voyeuristic and physically participatory experience of situational art. Many artists from various art and literary genres influence my research and art, including Petah Coyne, Mona Hatoum, Pina Bausch, Mia Michaels, and Jeanette Winterson. The multi-faceted combination of art mediums and artists inspires me to create a mixed media, multi-dimensional installation for an immersive participant’s experience as a source for awareness, empathy, reflection, and ultimately as a “call to action” evoking change.

This ...

Vita Via Dolorosa, Vivianne Lee Carey May 2016

Vita Via Dolorosa, Vivianne Lee Carey

Graduate Theses

This thesis statement accompanies my MFA project entitled Vita via Dolorosa, which features a glass and steel horse-drawn carriage sculpture that metaphorically depicts a woman’s journey through life, from childhood to death. Supporting the carriage, which is the primary sculpture in this exhibit, is a performance piece that addresses the transformation of this woman by means of sculpture, music and drama. This largely autobiographical multidisciplinary exhibit uses the metaphor to explore the passage of time symbolically through the dark, aged-color palette, the iconic imagery, and the combination of animate and inanimate sculptural resources such as horses, steel and glass ...

Path To Equilibrium, Foozhan Kashkooli May 2015

Path To Equilibrium, Foozhan Kashkooli

Graduate Theses

This statement outlines the theoretical, historical, and conceptual influences that shape my Master of Fine Arts thesis at Winthrop University. It further describes and analyzes the series of paintings that compose my thesis Equilibrium, each one a reflection of my aesthetic experience as I evolved as an artist. As I will illustrate, the aesthetic experiences reflected in my work are intertwined with the artist or movement that inspired me at the time. The series consists of seven large-scale, abstract paintings, where I explore balancing form, shape, and color. In this thesis statement, I am asserting my progression as an evolving ...

Unmonumental Moment, Amy Holbein May 2015

Unmonumental Moment, Amy Holbein

Graduate Theses

This thesis statement investigates the coexistence of joy with grief, light alongside darkness, and the intersection of the divine with the ordinary, as they express themselves in my thesis “Unmonumental Moment.” In it, painting merges with sculptural forms to create a three-dimensional work that addresses the idea of duality. The exhibit is marked by the on going common elements in my work, namely the use of a saturated color palette, the incorporation of papier-maché with everyday detritus, dream imagery, and portals alluding to a parallel spiritual world. This statement analyzes the thesis components and examines them in light of art ...

Making A Case For Arts Administrators: Maintaining Interdisciplinary Arts Programs In Public Schools, Samantha Jardon-Peppard Dec 2010

Making A Case For Arts Administrators: Maintaining Interdisciplinary Arts Programs In Public Schools, Samantha Jardon-Peppard

Graduate Theses

For decades interdisciplinary arts programs have been developed and implemented in public schools throughout our nation. Much research has been dedicated to proving the benefits of interdisciplinary arts education, results of which can be found in reports such as Champions of Change and Project Zero. However, little research has been dedicated to how an interdisciplinary arts program is maintained in a school once it has been initiated and who is responsible for its development and sustainability. Chapter one of this thesis reviews some history of arts education, why the arts have become a vital part of education, and how arts ...