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Brain Recorder, Anthony M. Garcia Jul 2012

Brain Recorder, Anthony M. Garcia

Computer Engineering

Electroencephalography (EEG) is the recording of electrical activity along the scalp. Our mind regulates its activities by means of electric waves which are registered in the brain, emitting tiny electrochemical impulses of varied frequencies, which can be registered by an electroencephalogram. These “brainwave” frequencies are split into different bands. There is ongoing research that attempts to correlate the frequencies in the different bands to different emotional states and levels of concentration. With the increase in availability of commercial EEG devices, such studies can be sped up by making the collection of data easier, faster, and mobile. Creating a mobile application ...

Bluebeats, Jake Muir, Aaron Martinez, Mishal Shah, Richard Wissemann May 2012

Bluebeats, Jake Muir, Aaron Martinez, Mishal Shah, Richard Wissemann

Computer Engineering

Our group’s senior project is called BlueBeats. The BlueBeats product was created in order to provide a wireless audio gateway between Bluetooth enabled devices. Users of BlueBeats can use an Android or computer application to interface with the BlueBeats device. The Android and computer applications allow the user to easily scan for devices, add/remove devices from their personal list, and pair/connect with a selected Bluetooth enabled device. Once the user is connected to the BlueBeats device, he/she has two options. The first option occurs when the user connects the BlueBeats device to a device with speakers ...

Bluemote!, Philip Kaye Mar 2012

Bluemote!, Philip Kaye

Computer Engineering

In today’s society, our mobile phones are an extremely useful device when we are on the go and away from our homes; however, when we return home, our smart phone becomes just a communication tool again. Home automation is inevitable, and it will find its way into every house. The first person to commercialize it to the point where it is as easy to set-up and as affordable as a home router will end up breaking this slow trend. The key to this success is the smart phone; this should end up being the most expensive piece of hardware ...