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Petrolia, Jada Smith Jul 2019

Petrolia, Jada Smith

Papers & Publications: Interdisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Research

The advancement of technology has brought upon a great many things: wonder, efficiency, mass production, different forms of communication, and an easier way of life. However, it has also caused fear and anxiety about how technology will shape the future and human life to come. Will we become more adaptable with it or become consumed by it? Dehumanization has become a great concern for a lot of people who are growing along with the exponentially-rising digital landscape.

Save The Trees. Save Humanity., Lindsey Davis Jun 2019

Save The Trees. Save Humanity., Lindsey Davis

The Goose

Visual art by Lindsey Davis

Plenty : Wanting, Choosing,, Overwhelming Unloading, Christopher Cote May 2019

Plenty : Wanting, Choosing,, Overwhelming Unloading, Christopher Cote

Masters Theses

We seek well-being from products and fall prey to the media that promotes them to determine our wants and needs as equal. Consumption becomes an obsession. At some point we accumulate so much that we feel the need to organize or cleanse what’s overwhelmed us.

To highlight the aesthetics of consumption, advertisement, and brand proliferation, I turn their tactics against themselves. Plenty: Wanting, Choosing, Overwhelming, Unloading explores, points out, embraces, and edits the complexity we live within. With the hope of better navigating the abundance of consumer choice and its visual bombardment, Plenty tracks and exposes the cycle of ...

Re-Creation : A Package Design For Daily Life, Wei-Hao Wang May 2019

Re-Creation : A Package Design For Daily Life, Wei-Hao Wang

Masters Theses

This thesis grows out of my observations of and inquiries into daily scenes,+ which are wrapped within what I am calling a package. The human mind often puts daily encounters into manageable packages to facilitate interaction with them. This process, however, makes us dull or neglectful. Looking into daily scenes allows me to unpack these packages and reflect on ubiquitous objects, notions and actions so that I am able to see them anew. To me, it offers a break from the habitual responses in life.

Re-creation: A Package Design for Daily Life intends to create a similar occasion for my ...

Cosmosis, Angela Torchio May 2019

Cosmosis, Angela Torchio

Masters Theses

Cosmographies deal with the order of nature. They are general descriptions of the universe, and this thesis is a cosmography, dealing with visual content, constraints, and the complexity of symbolism.

Visual experience is dynamic, interrelated, and inherently tied to a value hierarchy. On a micro level, design is my way of understanding the world, while on a macro level, it is a tool to generate new perceptual structures for engaging with, not merely seeing, design.

The work is based on the idea that multiple symbolisms are inherent to all things, and these symbolisms will shift based on context. Cosmographies are ...

Body Of Work, Oliva De Salve Villedieu May 2019

Body Of Work, Oliva De Salve Villedieu

Masters Theses

This yellow book filled with short stories, indexes, and a bright body of work, is a little bit rebellious, a little bit scandalous, but mostly self-indulgent. It is an invitation to release, unhinge, and get, consensually, tied up. Here graphic design is not a thinking tool, but rather an attitude—a desire to engage and skew. It is a place where affection translates into practice and lifts an eyebrow to modernism. The work is one of contrast; it contradicts and plays. By excavating simple systems for complex reasons, it deconstructs the fundamental primaries of graphic design and recontextualizes them by ...

Abjad Orientations, Mohammed Nassem May 2019

Abjad Orientations, Mohammed Nassem

Masters Theses

This thesis investigates verbal and visual language through a lens of translation, queerness, and diaspora . Looking at graphic design as a reconciliatory space , I make use of its formal and typographic systems as devices to tell stories , examine cultures , and negotiate conflicting principles .

Abjad Orientations is a process of shifting the focal viewpoint to reorient myself and/or my audience and allow for a closer probe of our cultural reality . My eclectic identity as a Queer , Muslim , multilingual Arab living in the United States drives the form and content of my design inquiries to reconcile one or more aspects of ...

Record : From Signal To Atmosphere, And The Spaces Between Silence And Noise, Amy Auman May 2019

Record : From Signal To Atmosphere, And The Spaces Between Silence And Noise, Amy Auman

Masters Theses

Record is both a noun and a verb. Its meaning shifts through pronunciation, beginning with our cognitive interpretation and then emerging as a translation that we project from our mouths. This thesis book is an artifact, or record, of the past two years of artistic inquiry. My work, however, lives through movement in time—it records my impulses. This thesis is merely an open archive.

A range of stimuli competes for our conscious attention. The signals we choose to notice emerge from the periphery of our atmosphere, which includes everything from noise to silence. I use design to amplify and ...

Let's Meet Over There / Eury Kim., Eury Kim May 2019

Let's Meet Over There / Eury Kim., Eury Kim

Masters Theses

Small communities that were once reliant on the land for basic sustenance progressively grew into large urban states. Our current cities manufacture items that are exchanged for other goods, by building factories that exploit resources from the ground. These commodities are providing much more than just food and shelter. Industry makes sustenance a secondary need to production by objectifying nature.

Italian writer Italo Calvino compares the weight of two Industrial Revolutions, depicting the first with “rolling mills” and “molten steel,” the second “with bits of information that flow” also noting that everything we “value for lightness quickly reveals … unbearable heaviness ...

Softweave, Annaka Olsen May 2019

Softweave, Annaka Olsen

Masters Theses

The contents of this volume are a weaving.1 The text lays parallel to a graphic design practice that emerges from research into computation, digital publishing and speculative design. I ask how we can change the structures of world building to become collaborative and ethical practices — resisting hierarchy and reclaiming agency in the spaces we occupy. By making soft modifications imbued with feminist praxis across a variety of automatic processes, softwares, feeds, and streams, this thesis explores ways to open up critical avenues of making in order to speculate on fluid futures that we can co-author.

Standards, Rules, Setting, Robert Mcconnell May 2019

Standards, Rules, Setting, Robert Mcconnell

Masters Theses

Greetings. Welcome to Standards, Rules, Setting. This short preamble serves as a user guide to the material that follows. It is, essentially, a set of standards that govern the organization and progression of the various items in this publication.

Everything in this book has been conceived and constructed in line with the Graphic Design Thesis Book Protocol. As my body of work deals with the communication of messages and the manipulation of their governing conventions and norms, this publication — as well — has been organized along similar principles.

There are five types of components in this thesis book: sections, essays, lists ...

Lateral Movements : In Multifaceted Time And Space, Jieun Kim May 2019

Lateral Movements : In Multifaceted Time And Space, Jieun Kim

Masters Theses

Orient, shift, calibrate, and soar—these four lateral movements provoke new ways of seeing beyond flatness: the single fixed point of view. I question the reasons and consequences of the dominant point of view and suggest interpretative and playful versions of possibilities.

The distribution of the internet and satellite photography has heightened the perception, interaction, and access to the world—time and space have become flexible. I use these tools deceptively to shift toward dynamic and multiple perspectives both in physical and digital space.

I create graphic environments into which people can enter, inviting people to maneuver in this multifaceted ...

Groundwork, Marcus Peabody May 2019

Groundwork, Marcus Peabody

Masters Theses

This is hardly groundbreaking, but graphic designers

(or at least this graphic designer)

should gather up information first hand

(rather than waiting to be handed content)

using multiple points of view

(because design needs to be rooted in the broader world)

and then address the resultant multiplicity

(which is chaotic and confusing)

by charting a somewhat linear path through it

(because I have an editorial point of view)

while still acknowledging the underlying complexity

(because it's not the only point of view)

giving structure that is coherent with the subject

(because without structure you just have a pile of ...

Learn The Terms: A Visual Glossary, 2019 Edition, Gayle Schaub, Vinicius Lima, Jacob Mol, Christina Elsholz Apr 2019

Learn The Terms: A Visual Glossary, 2019 Edition, Gayle Schaub, Vinicius Lima, Jacob Mol, Christina Elsholz

Open Teaching Tools

Understanding a discipline requires a fundamental understanding of its concepts, theories, and terminology. Critical to academic success, these are often assumed to be widely understood by students.

The students of Graphic Arts V, fall 2018, created poster to help students understand one of the ACRL Framework’s concept, scholarship as conversation.. These bold, eye-catching informational posters, produced and disseminated in and outside of the Library, promote learning through innovative designs created by students for students.

Lindsay Kropp, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio, Lindsay M. Kropp Jan 2019

Lindsay Kropp, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio, Lindsay M. Kropp

Senior Art Portfolios

The Senior Art Exhibition was on display in the Baer Gallery in the spring of 2019. This work consists of package design, advertising brochure, stop-motion film, and sculpture.

A Thesis Is A Product Is A Tracking, Yixue Li Jan 2019

A Thesis Is A Product Is A Tracking, Yixue Li

Theses and Dissertations

In this work, I discuss how global products/ identities are made, transported and consumed, and the inevitable ‘mis-’ in acts of transmission. This research ranges from the miscommunication in languages and linguistics, to the gap between production and consumption. I investigate how things and humans are misread, mispronounced, misfit and mistranslated when they traverse social and cultural borders, arriving at a place in between languages, holding on to and letting go of things that are familiar to neither and both cultures. This work explores diverse media such as publications, videos and installations, and examines how they maybe used to address ...

Sarah Chojnacki, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio, Norbert College 4059114 Jan 2019

Sarah Chojnacki, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio, Norbert College 4059114

Senior Art Portfolios

This is a portfolio created for Senior Art Exhibition 2019. This work included painting, collage, and graphic design.

Exploring Universal Icon Design For International Travel Apps, Huizi Shi Jan 2019

Exploring Universal Icon Design For International Travel Apps, Huizi Shi

Creative Components

Travel apps are common information sources for people researching travel destinations. There is an array of city travel apps available to foreign visitors that are specific to large metropolitan areas. English is the international language typically used for these travel apps; however, there are many travelers for whom English is not their native language and their ability to understand English is limited. To address this language barrier and to allow for better accessibility to application functions, the design of the icons on the travel apps should be readily recognized and understood on a universal level. They need to speak to ...

Designing Brand Identity: From Product Innovation To Branding, Montel Caruthers Jan 2019

Designing Brand Identity: From Product Innovation To Branding, Montel Caruthers

Creative Components

Product design is one of the most important industries in today’s world of fast innovation, meaningful design, and continued consumption. Brands are living organizations who have developed products and services with a desire to have a successful and mutually beneficial relationship with the people they serve. The goal of this project is to accomplish a brand identity that is true to the value of product design and its relationship to the target users. Through literature review, visual market analysis, design, prototyping, and packaging design, a complete identity has been developed to uniquely present a new brand into the sports ...

Discouraging The Use Of Single-Use Plastics Through Graphic Design Strategies, Monica Ann Pearson Jan 2019

Discouraging The Use Of Single-Use Plastics Through Graphic Design Strategies, Monica Ann Pearson

Graduate Theses and Dissertations

Single-use plastics, or disposable plastics, have become entrenched in the daily lives of college students across the country. Whether it is a plastic bag from grocery shopping, a stirrer from a morning coffee, a clamshell container for that convenient on-the-go lunch, or even a simple straw — these easily overlooked and thrown away items begin to add up. Despite advertisements for more sustainable products like metal straws, re-usable shopping bags, and ceramic coffee containers, the convenient plastic options are still being used. Despite news articles regularly showing the damage caused by plastic pollution (images of floating garbage or injured sea turtles ...

The Day Is Just Another Surface, Brooks M. Heintzelman Jan 2019

The Day Is Just Another Surface, Brooks M. Heintzelman

Theses and Dissertations

Within a practice founded on both typographic form and language, I have continued to push myself to make work that is more sensitive to place, more contextual, more (hopefully) generous toward a public audience. These pieces might serve as useful instruments of institutional critique, resources for comprehension, or moments in which to interrogate preconceived modes of seeing. I deploy original texts in public spaces in order that they might force viewers to decide how to personally resolve the content they encounter. Is it language or object? Literal or figurative? Graphic design or art? The further I develop this body of ...

Library As Publisher, Chronicler, And Archiver: The Evolution Of Amicus Briefs, Rachel S. Evans Nov 2018

Library As Publisher, Chronicler, And Archiver: The Evolution Of Amicus Briefs, Rachel S. Evans

Articles, Chapters and Online Publications

This article shares the rich history of one library newsletter. It also discusses lessons learned over the years including the archival value of a newsletter and the tools used to create and share them.

Placefulness, Ellen Christensen Jun 2018

Placefulness, Ellen Christensen

Masters Theses

Graphic design has been referred to as a tool of inquiry — a method of thinking visually. Design can polish, beautify, hierarchize, eliminate, prioritize, propagandize, or disseminate. Using spatial inquiry as a primary mode of investigation, I argue that graphic design is also a process of attention and care. How can graphic design be a tool of expansion and inclusion?

By encouraging spaces of attention and listening within the built environment and virtual worlds, we can think critically about power dynamics, interiority and exteriority, and subjectivity and objectivity. Within this phase of late capitalism, I focus on leftovers, scraps, and the ...

Tiny Diasporas, Angela Lorenzo Jun 2018

Tiny Diasporas, Angela Lorenzo

Masters Theses

I see myself as a literary curator — I collect and sequence texts and images, both digital and analog, to reveal, connect, and construct narratives, resulting in shifting meanings and significances. Inhabiting this curatorial ethos, I investigate hidden subtexts, locating personal and collective relations to the margins and files marked “miscellany.” Working in books and installations, I engage with the inherited meanings of visual languages (form, typography, color, material, format) to open up well-worn narratives and craft new interpretations.

Tiny Diasporas is a primer to a design practice that borrows the form of an abecedarius, an alphabetical wordlist for learning the ...

Hyperlink : Connecting Space, Time, Language, And Technology, Marie Otsuka Jun 2018

Hyperlink : Connecting Space, Time, Language, And Technology, Marie Otsuka

Masters Theses

This thesis constitutes a methodology for examining our use of systems and tools. We are constantly generating physical and digital residues, and tracing them can reveal an underlying syntax of structures that produced them. I work with these artifacts to highlight the capacities and constraints of language and technology, and what results is a transparency that draws us closer to the raw material. Once broken down into bare elements, new forms can then be resynthesized. Both critical and celebratory, this inquiry uncovers logical structures to reimagine means of making and to create alternate tools for thought.

This Is Public Work, Nick Adam Jun 2018

This Is Public Work, Nick Adam

Masters Theses

This thesis positions graphic design as an integral form of public works.

T his is public work regards the causal relationship between graphic design and its publics as an opportunity to explore the formal maneuvers to enhance an artifact's visual codes. The idea is an experiential one: rich and meaningful form can lead to rich and meaningful experiences.

The designed artifacts of our world function across informational (effect) and emotional (affect) modes. The complexity of these operations take on an infrastructural role — what we see day-to-day shapes our experiences and understanding. The opportunity of a designer to practice in ...

Haunt : Casual Surrealism, Cara Buzzell Jun 2018

Haunt : Casual Surrealism, Cara Buzzell

Masters Theses

This thesis aims to define, observe and create a feeling of surrealism through a series of design gestures. The process began with a question: If I, as a designer, immerse myself in a subculture that I have no interest in, will I become a fan of it? To attempt this, I created systems and tools to deeply investigate each subculture. I observed and recorded what I experienced. As a case study, the haunted attraction community captured my attention. I went to their conventions and took classes in the crafts of “the haunt.” While immersed in this community, I started to ...

Field Guide : Collected Studies Of A Symbiont, Jennifer Livermore Jun 2018

Field Guide : Collected Studies Of A Symbiont, Jennifer Livermore

Masters Theses

Field Guide is a collection of studies that explore how symbiosis relates to graphic design. These studies investigate how visual language constructs — and is constructed by — ideas about nature.

As a manipulator of language and imagery, I borrow the ecologist’s methods in order to make sense of our relationship with the natural world. My techniques include observation, collection, mutation, framing and recombination. I use these methods not to celebrate them, but to expose their subjective nature.

I approach visual language, technology, and our ecological home as an entangled set of ideas rather than estranged categories. My work investigates how ...

Space, Junk, Brandon Olsen Jun 2018

Space, Junk, Brandon Olsen

Masters Theses

Space, Junk acknowledges and embraces the world as a chaotic and uncertain place. Graphic design often directly contrasts the messiness of humanity. Clean and ordered composition can conceal the muddled nature of a subject. The designer's role isn't to force perfection, but to create an aesthetic that accurately represents content. I place value on rips, smears, blurriness, and distortion as well as feelings provoked by variability. Through works created in multiple spaces (book space, architectural space, web space, etc.) this thesis focuses on finding worth in undervalued junk, using mess as a means to represent convoluted issues, and ...

Reading Rooms, Jinhwa Oh Jun 2018

Reading Rooms, Jinhwa Oh

Masters Theses

Reading rooms examines a set of three conditions for diverse modes of spatial reading. These conditions originate from three common terms: object, space, and performer, which I have subjectively defined through my thesis work. I hope to clarify my own design methodology by examining these terminologies through the thesis process.

I regard printed media as independent objects which have physical qualities: material, texture, volume, and depth. My practice emphasizes physical forms as architectural structures which can be transformed and evolve through readers’ interpretations of the objects. The true communication with my physical work can be realized by touching, moving, and ...