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The Aaart Fund, Jill Jongen Jan 2018

The Aaart Fund, Jill Jongen

MA Projects

Art is no longer only perceived as an “investment of passion”. Rather, art constitutes a viable alternative financial asset class that can be exploited through strategic trading. Due to the lower volatility and lesser correlation with traditional assets, holding art in an investment portfolio offers diversification benefits that will maintain returns while reducing risk. However, acquiring the “right” artworks, that is, the ones that will appreciate in value, can be pricey and risky. Investors can overcome these two challenges through participation in pooled art investments such as THE AAART FUND.

THE AAART FUND, located in New York City, is a ...

Kaya | Project Public Art, Tenzin Lama Jan 2018

Kaya | Project Public Art, Tenzin Lama

MA Projects

KAYA|Project Public Art exhibits public art in public spaces in Kathmandu every two years. Every year we have two special events around the topic of Public Art and Public Sphere. It’s a private foundation initiated by a Kathmandu dweller who understands the ever changing landscape of Kathmandu. On the verge of gentrification, and other political transformation, Kathmandu requires a selfexpression of urbanity and dwelling. This foundation gives agency to the ordinary citizens to define their public sphere in the long run through it’s forum and active advocacy.

Kolkata Biennial Foundation, Aman Bacchawat Jan 2018

Kolkata Biennial Foundation, Aman Bacchawat

MA Projects

The Kolkata Biennial Foundation project is a blueprint to establish a biennial in the city of Kolkata, India. With the proliferation of the biennial format since the 1990’s there are currently 250 active biennials that occur every year. The project is a study of finding the feasibility of the hosting a biennial and various costs and funds required to realize this dream. With the contemporary art infrastructure in India still in its adolescence, the foundation will become the catalyst in improving the current scenario of artistic progression in the country and the region and provide the foundation blocks for ...

Yu Buyu: A Curatorial Studio: A Business Plan 2019-2024, Jing Mei Yu Jan 2018

Yu Buyu: A Curatorial Studio: A Business Plan 2019-2024, Jing Mei Yu

MA Projects

The paper proposed a five-year business plan for establishing a curatorial studio in Chengdu, China - YU BUYU. It analysed the current statues of contemporary art in Chengdu from different perspectives, for example, in terms of museums, galleries, art fair, and etc. By analysing the situation, the paper identified Chengdu’s area of improvement - to grow the local art ecosystem between museums, galleries, artists and individual collectors by strengthen the connections and relationships between different sectors and increase interactions with wider art community. The paper thus proposed the curatorial studio as an active gathering place to exhibit emerging art, to connect ...

Business Plan Project, Hejun Xu Jan 2018

Business Plan Project, Hejun Xu

MA Projects

The business plan is to build an online trade platform dedicated only to selling ceramic art and design in China, our mission is to provide high quality and modern design of ceramic art to middle - and upper - middle class of the country, and is to also reinvigorate the country’s tradition and culture of aesthetic object appreciating

Mccoll Consulting, Virginia Mccoll Jan 2018

Mccoll Consulting, Virginia Mccoll

MA Projects

McColl Consulting is a full-service art-consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, which assists individual and corporate clients in the acquisition, disposition, relocation, and management of collections of fine art and other collectible assets.

We believe that art has the ability to influence our daily lives and transform the spaces in which we live and work. Works of art can inspire, create, and communicate values throughout each environment they are placed.

McColl Consulting provides clients with complete assistance in the purchasing, shipping, handling, installing, and storing of objects as well as managing inventory of the entire collection of fine art and ...

Kalaheo Art Space, David Hanlon Jan 2018

Kalaheo Art Space, David Hanlon

MA Projects

On Oahu, our local art scene is seeing a renaissance of sorts when it comes to contemporary art practices mixed with local flavor. Kaka’ako area is a great example of this. Kaka’ako and China Town on the island of Oahu are new venues and outlets of contemporary theories and methods of showcasing art and the new generations both social and economic ideologies that have been adapted for island life.

While all of this is happening, there still isn’t a place where creatives on Isle can go to create, collaborate and grow their artistry all in one permanent ...