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The Synchronous City, Patricia Olivera Dec 2015

The Synchronous City, Patricia Olivera

Architecture Thesis Prep

Architects’ conceptualizations of cities reference and reflect trends in their societies at their time of conception. During the early 1900's architects speculated on modernist visions of cities, during the mid-late 1900's radical visions of cities emerged, and now, this project will operate among the framework of previous visions of cities by architects and envision a city based on digital information and communications technologies. We are living a Digital Revolution and exist in the age of Information. This thesis will explore the ways in which a city will be conceptualized if it was based on digital information and communication ...

Unreal Urbanisms, Temitope Olujobi Dec 2015

Unreal Urbanisms, Temitope Olujobi

Architecture Thesis Prep

As virtual cities are made in the transnational image of physical cities the same claims about legibility, public image and the five elements of a city’s can be asserted to virtual environment, however; the bottom up approach to building these virtual cities means the appearance, use and interplay of these elements will operate differently. The research of the virtual cities featured on Unreal Urbanisms will be executed in methods similar to the experiments conducted by Kevin Lynch. The first method will be field research in which we navigate the city and map out my own ways of movement and ...

Augmenting The Third Teacher, Christina Hoover Dec 2014

Augmenting The Third Teacher, Christina Hoover

Architecture Thesis Prep

This thesis explores the formal and material design potentials of the school and contends that for it to adapt to the needs of today’s techno-centric youth, dynamic and responsive materials should be integrated to enhance the environmental quality of spaces for a child’s developmental benefit.

House As Mediator: Integrative Typology As Connector Between Land And Sea, Samantha Kudish Dec 2014

House As Mediator: Integrative Typology As Connector Between Land And Sea, Samantha Kudish

Architecture Thesis Prep

Rather than the water being an obstacle to coastal residential communities, water can act as an opportunity. Instead of barricading these areas from the water, integrating it with the area would create communities that are capable of living in unison with the ocean. This can introduce new typologies of housing that can withstand the continuing rise of sea levels. Blurring the line between land and sea by living with the sea will allow coastal regions to stay afloat, benefiting from ever-changing water conditions. A proposed new housing typology would introduce a new program to coastal neighborhoods, rather than putting up ...

Perception, Megan Rand Dec 2014

Perception, Megan Rand

Architecture Thesis Prep

In today’s age of technology, online media allows wider access

to architectural photos and information. Through images provided

by architectural firms, magazines, amateur photographers, official

websites, and social media, one can experience a building to

an extent, without ever visiting that physical place. This greatly

impacts the discipline of architecture, as the general public is

able to view, interpret, and criticize works without the consent

or the input of the architect. Before the rise of social media,

architects had great control over what information and images

were released for a project, controlling the perception of the

general public.

Blind Spot, Andrea Macias-Yañez Dec 2014

Blind Spot, Andrea Macias-Yañez

Architecture Thesis Prep

Negotiating between the physical and software means mediating perception, therefore physical space is defined by endo-perception and software space by exo-perception.

An Architecture Of Dimensions: 2d, 3d, 4d, Etc., Tiffany Montanez Dec 2014

An Architecture Of Dimensions: 2d, 3d, 4d, Etc., Tiffany Montanez

Architecture Thesis Prep

A funhouse, a building equipped with trick mirrors, shifting floors, and other devices designed to scare or amuse people as they walk through is the program of choice. Funhouses are designed for the perception of the user. They provide an amusing architecture, as well as an architecture driven by position, form, and most importantly, experience.

Non-Stick, Adrienne Sheriff Dec 2014

Non-Stick, Adrienne Sheriff

Architecture Thesis Prep

Rethinking the spatial implications of the appliance

within the kitchen. Reorganizing the role of the kitchen

within the home. Reasserting the role of architecture in

order to create a relevant kitchen and a relevant home.

In setting up a territory for exploration, this thesis

becomes positioned for dual audiences: the techniques

and grounding intentions to be for the profession, but the

results of that exploration to be felt and experienced by

the lay person.

As my exploration continues, I will be interested in seeing

the various ways in which drawing can act as a producer

rather than merely a recorder.